Twitter sued for copyright infringement & for ignoring DMCA takedown requests

The recent rumblings about the Twitter copyright Infringement Report feature, and possibly overzealous removals of tweets such as Jim Edwards screendu

Google - How It Feels [through Glass] - (2013)

"How it feels" shows us just how simple using the soon-to-be-released Google Glass is.

3 reasons why Buzzfeed is poisoning the well.

At the risk of going against the hive mind, Buzzfeed is the biggest ad platform masquerading as social content to hit the internet since Facebook.

Amoeba Music Digitizes

Often we harp on and on about the dire straits the music industry finds itself. Never mind the record stores that are experiencing the fallout, too.

Ad Chat: Åsk "Dabitch" Wäppling

As we get close to another year’s end, today I’m turning the tables on the CEO of Adland to get her perspective on the current state of advertising vs
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TeliaSonera puts ads over other peoples content with their Surf Open mobile content.

TeliaSonera, the cellphone provider, has a browser with which you can connect to the web called Surf Open.

google in the media biz... will they make the leap?

Google's media ambitions have been causing quite a stir lately...

Verizon persists with European email blockade

attention Verizon users you need to know this, especially all you fine folks who are emailing me and wondering why you aren't getting a reply - o

Banner ads tenth birthday!


And you thought pop-up ads were annoying? Here come the web commercials.

Commercials on the web?

banner art

The Banner Art Collective ( has implemented a new design created by Garrett Lynch.
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AdCritic Critically Wounded

Apparently, all the advertising and traffic in the world still won't keep a website alive these days.

I'll miss the dot-coms

They may not have had actual products, and we now know they never made actual money, but several dot-com companies ponied up some nice ads over the pa
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