AXE - Pheromones Business cards attract women (2014) :90 (Canada)

When AXE's marketing team needed new business cards, UNION Canada thought of loading these cards with more information than just their name and t

Tempur-Pedic "Love Birds" (2013) :20 (USA)

Hahn - Beer and snack in one - (2012) :60

Dear Hahn, I like beer but I also love bar snacks. If only there was a beer and snack in one. Can you help?

Coca-Cola - Rivalries (2006) :45 (Argentina)

If there is one thing opposites can agree on, it's scoring in football and Coke.

Castrol Syntec - Torture test - (2003) 0:15 (USA)

Burning down the lab!

NYSE - Right Here Right Now (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Pepsi - Institute for beverage research / Taste Test (1994) :30 (USA)

Michael Richards is still playing "Professor Leotard" at the Institute for Beverage Research.

Pepsi - Institute for beverage research / Summertime (1994) :30 (USA)

Michael Richards is still at the institute for beverage research trying to do the sciencey stuff.

Pepsi - Pepsi Research Lab: Pavlov (1994) :30 (USA)

Michael Richards (famous for his character Kramer on "Seinfeld") is a crazy scientist, emphasis on crazy.

Pepsi - Cindy Crawford - Michael Richards / Deprivation Tank (1994) :45 (USA)

Michael Richards (famous for his character Kramer on "Seinfeld") and Cindy Crawford visit the Pepsi research lab.

New York Life - Ice Man (1988) - 0:60 (USA)

Sharp - Test Center (1984) - 0:30 (USA)

In the test center for televisions, they even snow on them.
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