Schweppes Agrumes - Monkey heist in the tropics (2019) :35 (France)

A couple of monkeys plan a heist.

Prada Pradamalia Otto & Toto characters pulled after accusations of "blackface", Prada apologises

Prada's Pradamalia is accused of being "Sambo-like imagery" and blackface on social media. Prada decided to pull the carachter.

Casting Call for Frontier Communications Spokesman - Frank - (2013) 1:12 (USA)

Frontier hosted in search of a spokesman.

Jammie and Toffee Dodgers monkeys - long (UK)

Jammie and Toffee Dodgers monkeys - short (UK)

Tutti Fruitti - Strawberry - (2009) :30 (Finland) Subs

Whohah, the nutty japanese speaking man has now made a pan flute out of strawberries.

Tutti Fruitti - Cactus Lime - (2009) :30 (Finland) Subs

Our japanese speaking pal is back now with Cactus Lime.

Tutti Fruitti - Monkey - (2009) :30 (Finland) Subs

A japanese speaking man in a hawaiian shirt plays some kind of fruit-flute together with a mechanical monkey - and the ad is Finnish.

VW Golf 6 - Cheetah / Lucky (2009) :60 (South Africa)

Gainomax - Cute Monkey - (2008) :30 (Sweden)

Seriously, this monkey is the cutest thing evah!

Actimel - A friendly drink - (2007) :30 (Israel)

Imagine advertising the most functional drink in the world. Then imagine giving it a soul. This is what we did in this piece of work.

G4 - Midnight Spank - Breakdance (2006) :05 (USA)


Stinking ideas.......

Ah, bless clothes with characters on 'em! They're so easy to use to make a visual point!

Japanese TV ad retreats after accusations of racism

They really didn't mean to be racist they say, but cosmetics maker Mandom Corp realise how bad their ad might look to some and have decided to pu

Do Monkeys Make Lousy

Well, it appears that after a nasty custody battle reminiscent of a certain American sock puppet, ITV's Monkey finally has a new home...

Black & Decker - Jack Hanna - short (2002) - 0:15 (USA)

Sony - MPEG - Monkey (2002) - 0:15 (USA)

The age old question here in Adland. Is it a monkey or a chimpanzee?

Diet Dr Pepper - Chimps (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

ITV active (2001) - 0:30 (UK)

ITV no more drilling. (2001) - :30 (UK)

ITV i don't get it. (2001) - :30 (UK)

ITV ryan giggs (2001) - :30 (UK)

ITV ordinary mall (2001) - :30 (UK)

ITV who wants to be a monkey millionaire? (2001) - 0:30 (UK)

Play who wants to be a millionaire with your remote control.

Pepsi Twist - Penguins (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

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Sony Walkman CM - Mr.Choromatsu /Dreaming - (1987) :30 (japan)

This Sony Walkman spokesmonkey, Mr Choromatsu , lived between 1978 - 2007
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