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Toyota - Pixelated - (2011) :30 (US)

Owning a Toyota Camry puts your neighbors to shame-so much shame that they might not want to show their faces, as illustrated in Pixelated, a hilariou
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Rymdreglage - "8-bit trip" video in lego - (2009) 3:50 (Sweden)

Proof that hard work pays off, or at least gains you cred from all lego&gamergeeks everywhere in the world is the 8-bit trip video animated in Leg
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Bud Light - Port Paradise Cruise - Matt (2009) :30 (USA)

I'd like to see the Travel Channel feature this cruise.
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Axe Day Axe night - Squares- (2008) :30 (Argentina)

Pixelating something near you soon! Produced by Rebolucion, Directed by Armando Bo and created by

Nike running- The human race 10K - (2008) :30 (Argentina)

BBDO Argentina, Buenos Aires use post-it notes, creativity, windows and love to animate this spot. Go Argentina!

Fisher-Price - Tickle Me Elmo T.M.X. eXtra special edition - Top Secret (2007) :15 (USA)

Ok, this commercial is ambiguous to such a degree that it had to be deliberate.
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