Spies - Dogcation Go on holiday with a clear conscience, while your doggo enjoys life at home / Danish sub (2022) 2:00 (Denmark)

Jan Vendelbo, Director at Spies has a dog himself and is a fan of this campaign that launched in June as it has attracted over 33.000 people to sign u
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Miller Lite - Definitely Probably A Big Game Ad / Metaverse ad (2022) :60 (USA)

"Welcome to the first ever Big Game commercial aired in the Metaverse. It’s just like reality, but with worse graphics."

Bouygues Telecom - Keep on Fallin' (2021) 1:10 (France)

Boy meets girl at a party. Boy keeps dropping his phone. Photographing hot air balloons. Their first apartment. Their wedding selfie.

Firstbank - Puppy Sale - (2015) :30 (USA) super bowl

Don't let ATMs slow you down! With Person to Person (P2P) Transfers from FirstBank, you can transfer funds easily and securely to almost anyon

FirstBank - Puppy Sale (2015) :60 (USA) super bowl

Don't let ATMs slow you down!

Security Service "Puppies" (2013) :30 (U.S.A.)

As far as I can tell, great service feels like you're being licked by puppies after you've taken laughing gas.
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Chuck Norris can be killed with bottle water!!!

Tappening are at it again, this time they have a campaign called start a lie where you can make up some idiotic "truth" about bottled water

K9 Advantix -- Camp -- (2004) :30 (USA)

To the tune of Allan Sherman's song "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah / A letter from camp" (which was re-written in Swedish 1965 by Cornelis

Nike Gets Bit

It's a minute long. Less than a second of it has two dogs on leashes - a pit bull and a rottweiler - doing what dogs sometimes do.

Budweiser - Golden Retriever (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Philips Somba - Puppy (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Nationwide - Puppy (1984) - 0:30 (USA)

Young Andrew is going to learn a lot about love, and responsibilities.
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