EDP Solar Energy - The Square Head / John (2021) :60 (Portugal)

Her husband is so square. Square Square. Square. But she loves him anyway. And hang on, maybe he isn't all that square. - Klara Suicide (2011) (Czech Republic)

This is the latest cinema & web spot for, the Google competitor in search and directory services in Czech Republic.

Calvin Klein - CK One - We Are One (2009) :30 (USA)

2 Comments - Bing (2007) :30 (UK)

"Your heart goes boom" - Bang (2007) :30 (UK)

"Your heart goes boom" - Bong (2007) :30 (UK)

A lovely animation with tuxedo-clad squirrels dancing to ukeleles played by cockatoos.

Ford Fiesta - Marriage Proposal / breakfast by the sea (1999) :30 (UK)

Classic Ford Fiesta ad by Ogilvy & Mather - Marriage Proposal

Columbia Pictures - It's My Turn trailer (1980) :30 (USA)

It's My Turn is a 1980 American romantic comedy-drama film starring Jill Clayburgh, Michael Douglas, and Charles Grodin. 

Badedas - Things happen after a Badedas bath (1978) :30 (UK)

They say it has to do with the chestnuts.

Birds Eye Roast Beef Dinner for One - Brief Encounter -(1970)

"I'm going to say goodbye."  "No, don't say goodbye, it sounds, so permanent." "It's only for a very short
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