Vengaboys - 2 Brazil! - (2014) 3:00 (The Netherlands)

Venga Boys have resurfaced only to make what they call "the Surprise World Cup Anthem 2014!" It's as annoying of an earworm as they usu

Vicomte A - "You share, she strips" Social Striptease case study

Social Striptease: Men's Lust For Female Nudity Used to Promote Fashion Brand Across Social Media

Denver Deo copies Bavaria from every angle....

This post comes from a discussion me and Joelapompe had over email regarding the Bottle voodoo between Bavaria and Brutal Fruit badlander.

Orangina Blood Orange - Bloody - (2009) :50 (France)

Orangina is back, and this time ad agency Fred & Farid Paris are appealing to...
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PETA's Naked State of the Union

The folks at PETA have created a naked version of the State of the Union Address.

Virtual Bartender 1, and 2 and now 3.

Hamlet - Launderette - (1968) :45 (UK)

A man strips off all of his clothes down to his skivvies, socks, and hat, in the laundrette.

Braniff Airways - Air Strip - (1965)

The campaign created by Mary Well's ad agency, where stewardesses strip to show off their designer uniforms.
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