Yes another (failed) suicide by car: Honda!

Joelapompe says that perhaps this idea is like a Zombie, impossible to kill, and he may have a point because no matter how many times this idea should

Hyundai suicide by car ad idea, officially older than dirt (one more!)

Seriously? Again?

One more suicide by car - this idea was already done back in 1997

Hold up everyone, the suicide by car Badlander isn't done yet. It's been badlanded

"My dad never drove a Hyundai. Thanks to you, neither will I."

Hey, people reading Adland. You. You there. You know when things get out of hand and an ad rolls into serious bad taste territory, don't you?

Suicide by car: now clean emissions Hyundai join Citroën & Audi in Badland

Remember Audi A5 Suicide vs Citroën Suicide by car: Carbon monoxide poisoning isn't what it used to be?

Hyundai - Pipe Job - (2012) :60

The decision. The tape. The pipe. The dramatic wait. The breathing, The music swelling. The disappointment.

PFLAG Stories - Jazz - (2011) :60 (Canada) - Klara Suicide (2011) (Czech Republic)

This is the latest cinema & web spot for, the Google competitor in search and directory services in Czech Republic.

Audi A5 Suicide vs Citroën Suicide by car: Carbon monoxide poisoning isn't what it used to be

There's a spec ad running around the web right now, touting the clean emissions from the Audi A5 by demonstrating a mans failed suicide attempt.

Audi A5 - Suicide / Krass - (2009) :60 SPEC

To be perfectly clear (as Audi has asked us to kindly spell it out in big bold letters for non-advertising people who may not know what the word "

Smart car - Suicide/ Lowest Co2 Emission - (2009)

This is not an ad, it's a spec job done by Team 3 at the Rutger Hauer Film Factory.

Honda Civic hybrid generation - Suicide - with 0% CO2 emissions

Honda hybrid generation with 0% CO2 emissions means you have to resort to good old fashioned rope to kill yourself.

CBS - Ghost Whisperer - Window Jump (2007) 0:30 (USA)

OUCH! Pre-game

Tiger Beer - Taste It In This Life (2006) 1:15 (NZ)


Settlement reached - Lee and Dan have to say that they're sorry

Volkswagen have decided to not seek damages from creatives Lee Ford and Dan Brooks who made the Volkswagen Polo Suicide advert which went viral all ov

VW still promising to sue the VW polo suicide ad creators

More on that volkswagen polo "terrorist" advert, dubbed the suicide bomb which might be fitting in more ways than one.

VW Polo - Suicide Bomber - (2005) :45 (UK)

For the rumormill as it happened, read VW Polo viral - the punchline kills. For interviews with the creators check:

VW Polo viral - the punchline kills. (uk)

The punchline will kill you. (Scroll down to view the spot.)

Honda withdraws "suicide car" advert.

Honda received so many complaints for its latest australian commercial, that it withdrew the ad less than 48 hours after its Sunday evening release.
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Citroen - Suicide - (2002) :45 (UK)

Brian Baderman shows us why he's the king of dark comedy with this story of a man who can not commit suicide.

Bridgestone - A Dog's Life - (2002) 0:30 (Thailand)

A tale of love and betrayal. A suicidal protagonist on the loose. Its drama and suspense all rolled into one.
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Nissan - Suicide by car - (1997) :60 (South Africa)

What's this? An older man attempting suicide in the woods with a clean emissions Nissan. Fail.

Volkswagen "Or buy a Volkswagen" print 1979, USA

"Or buy a Volkswagen" a man makes the "gun to head" suicide gesture with the gas nuzzle.
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