WhatsApp launches its first brand campaign in the world

WhatsApp chose Brazil to launch its first brand campaign in the world. The first film of the campaign "Fica só entre vocês" (“It’s between you”) tells the story of a community that got together on WhatsApp to help a samba school that loses all allegories in a fire ahead of Carnival. Through the app, members of a rival school organize to collect donations and help rebuild their warehouse. Agency AlmapBBDO signs the campaign.

The film is based on several real, similar stories that happened throughout the years, including the one of Independente Tricolor, a samba school from São Paulo that faced a similar situation in 2019 and relied on its competitors’ help to rebuild through donations, shelter, and sharing of their warehouse so Independente’s team could work and live. 

The film production involved a team of 200 people in a warehouse, under the heat of over 40°C, and counted on the participation of the community to realistically convey the emotional connection and solidarity of the people, who mobilize and communicate daily through WhatsApp. "Brazil is one of the main markets for the company worldwide, so we decided to launch the campaign here and pay tribute to the solidarity of Brazilians inspired by one of the country’s dearest traditions,” says Taciana Lopes, Head of Consumer Marketing at Facebook Brazil. 

The campaign also reinforces the company's positioning: more than a messaging app, WhatsApp allows users to establish real connections through private communication and empower their communities.

Throughout this year, the global WhatsApp campaign will launch local creations in different countries. Like the debut film, dedicated to Carnival in Brazil, the productions will signify the tagline “Fica só entre vocês” (“It’s between you”) within cultural moments of these places, showing how WhatsApp participates in the intimate lives of people and collective experiences according to the particularities of each region. Some of the creations will be co-productions between countries. In addition to AlmapBBDO, BBDO México, BBDO Berlin, BBDO India, and BBDO San Francisco are also involved. 

Advertiser: WhatsApp

Title: Carnival

Products: WhatsApp

Agency: AlmapBBDO

General Creative Director: Luiz Sanches

Creative Director: Pedro Corbett

Creative: Pedro Corbett, Firulo, Erick Mendonça, Juliana Utsch

RTV: Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Bôas, Aline Silva

Production: ICONOCLAST

Director: Ian Ruschel

DP: Pierre de Kerchove

Second Unit Director: Gui Bohn

DP Second Unit: Mauricio Padilha

Assistant Directors: Juliana Cretella, Elis Manukian, Kenia Anjo and Ana Rios

Executive Producers: Francesco Civita, Gregory Bogossian, Alonso Sperb, Elisa Mello and Mariela Costa

Executive Production Assistant: Matheus Monteiro

Production Coordinator: Andre Bauer

Assistant Production Coordinator: Carolina Loureiro

Production Director: Reinaldo Faria

Producer: Yasmin Hulme

Production Assistants: Ronder William, Patricia Nagaoka, Maristela Almeida, Shana Salazar and Carol Padilha

Art Director: Marcelo Reginato

Art Coordinator: Monica Rochlin

Art Producer: Emerson Dominice

Art Assistant: Lalá Mendes

Object Production: Luiza Hakme

Wardrobe: Giovanna Moretto

Wardrobe Assistant: Roberta Pupo

Location Producer: Daniel Fontoura

Cast Preparation: Luiz Mario Vicente

Assistant Cast Preparer: José de Campos

Post-Production Coordinators: Priscilla Paudano and Tutu Mesquita

Assistant Post-Production Coordinator: Everson Martins

Editor: Felipe Thomé

Assistant Editor: Samuel Chuengue

Post-Production: Daniel Amaro and LuanLuiz

Color Grading: Marla Colour Grading

Post-Production/VFX: NASH

Audio Production: Punch Áudio

Musical Production: Cris Pinheiro

Composer: Cris Pinheiro, Mateus Polati e Tony Berchmans

Mixing and Post: Mateus Polati and Gustavo Guanaes

Liaisons: Lili D. Aragoni and Gabi Takan

Coordination: Letícia Nunes

Liaisons: Fernanda Tedde, Tatiana Vidonscky, Mariana Nanes and Marcelo Porto.

Planning: Sergio Katz, Beatriz Scheuer and Luciana Shinoda.

Media: Heloisa Lima; Teresa Urbano; Fabio Nkouhomi; Daiane Ferreira and Gabriella Leopoldino.

Approval: Maz Sharafi, Eshan Ponnadurai, Taciana Lopes, Bosco Zubiaga-Delclaux, Rodrigo Moran, Andre Felix, Eric Rottenberg, Felipe Chaves, Renata de Carvalho Costa, Fatima Saliu

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