Angry birds invade China via McDonald's & TBWA

Angry birds have invaded China by way of McDonald's. A special location-based campaign created by TBWA\ Shanghai in collaboration with Rovio allows game-players who visit McDonald's to unlock special hidden game modes and get free Power-Ups. Oh Finland, once you sold tyres all over the world, then cutting edge cellphones, and now you're the king of smart-phone games.

The location-based campaign is available to the millions of Angry Birds fans on iOS devices in China and serves as an invitation to others to join in and download the game.


Microwave Mentality: part one

Here’s a big revelation for you: The way we live has changed.
Urban centers decayed when the middle class moved to the suburbs. The front porch got moved to the back. We used to know our neighbors. Now we’d rather know someone across the globe, at least online.

But it’s not just physical locations that change. The way we behave has changed. Our views of privacy are at once threatened and secured by autonomous digital corporations.


Carb Happy: Run Happy

Seattle agency Wexley School For Girls got their giant heaping bowl of carbo-loading on for client Brooks Running.

Knowing that pre-marathon carbo-load is hugely important, Wexley created huge pop-up carb stations at various marathon sites including Chicago's Bank of America Health and Fitness Expo and Marathon, The Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, and a few other upcoming marathons in North America that may or may not be sponsored by banks.


Herman Melville & the Allegheny County Health Department - Wash your hands / Call me Ishmael

Tired of the usual "wash your hands" signs, Herman Melville & the Allegheny County Health Department made their a short story to rival Moby Dick, before you've finished reading it, you've soaped and lathered proper. Spotted in a loo in Pennsylvania by adgrunt Kidsleepy, thanks for sharing.


Mister Imagine's Toy Store allows imaginations to run wild by selling only plain cardboard boxes.

Welcome to Mister Imagine's Toy Store, where you'll find a giant castle, a music area, birdhouses, weather clouds, hot air balloons, and much more – all made out of cardboard. Oh, and that cardboard, those plain boxes - all for sale of course. The staff hosts workshops on how to create masterpieces out of ordinary cardboard. There's an augmented reality station in the store, where kids can hold up their bland boxes to the computer screen, and it will turn that box into a toy in the kids hands just to jump-start their imaginations. It's a car! It's a fort! It's a plane! It's Schrödinger's cat! Because we all remember how babies played with the box the expensive toy we bought came in, instead of with the toy.


Close the curtain before you open your mouth: Real complainers vote part two

We already showed you that Real Complainers Vote, when we posted this story and these awesome posters. Thing is Third Street really want every lazy last one of you to get off your arse and get into the voting booth, so they keep churning out guilt-tripping images. The Chicago based designer Bekah Raleigh and Indiana designer Blaise Vincz have contributed these lovely images to the lot. "Complaining is the SECOND most patriotic thing you can do". Yes, hear that? Voting is first. Now go do it!


Bodyform Responds - The Truth, Richard - (2012) 1:45 (UK)

Bodyform Responds - The Truth, Richard - (2012) 1:45 (UK)

Bodyform (pretend) CEO Caroline Williams responds here to Richards post on the Bodyform Facebook page, noting "you forgot horse riding, Richard". There's blue water, a plate of red jello at the mention of crimson tide, and a fart that deflates Richard's old joke about feminine hygiene products ability to allow ladies to swim, ride horses and wear white pants after labour day beautifully. If Bodyform had a CEO, I really wish she would be like Caroline Williams. This is how you do digital and social media, my friends.


ClickFire Media Hires Kay, Pearson

ClickFire Media is proud to announce the addition of Executive Creative Director Bill Kay and Senior Account Manager Robyn Pearson to its team. The pair will lead Click3Rx, a division of the studio devoted to creative technology for pharmaceutical marketing.

Kay arrives with nearly 20 years as a creative and business development professional who has successfully applied his skills in pharmaceutical, consumer branding, film, digital, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Known for his ability to build strong cultures, Kay has grown an agency, built AOR relationships and developed countless digital solutions for sales and marketing teams within Daiichi Sankyo, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Genentech.