Pass The Bottle: Wines With Friends

Organic and Constellation Wine bring you a new app, designed to pair your friends with wine, rather than food or some elitist reason.

Pass the Bottle aims to make use of the millennial generation's social media pastime and learn something about wine by allowing them to talk about their favorite subject: themselves.

The app acts as a "social sommelier," by pairing your friends' personalities with one of ten appropriate wines on offer. If your wine knowledge doesn't go beyond "red" and "white," you'll start thinking about wine differently after you use the app. You might even win two Lollapalooza tickets or some discounts, too.

And really, what makes more sense as a way to describe a wine's personality?
"It's sweet, playful and spontaneous," or "A precocious wine with a hint of tobacco. Has early charms. Later it evolves into rich tobacco."

And while oenophiles who like the taste of tannin and tobacco will see this as akin to choosing an architect based on one's favorite Seinfeld episode, they aren't the demographic this time. And considering the mid-shelf price points, this isn't their wine, either.

It is, however, the right idea for the right demographic. Now pass me the bottle. Preferably a Syrah.


You're addicted to Facebook

Over on Rehab International's blog is an infographic showing how big the dreaded Facebook Addiction Disorder really is.

Some choice factoids after the jump:


Delta pulled ads from the Daily Show over 'vagina mangers' skit due to pressure from CNNBelief

Delta airlines pulled their ads from the Daily Show due to the skit called :"The Battle for the War on Women". It seems to me that Delta are punishing Stewart for being funny, and standing up for women at the same time. God forbid. God? Well, actually, it's the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights - their blog is here - a conservative group that has waged a weeks-long campaign pressuring Stewart to apologize for the skit. In turn they pressured Delta and other Comedy Central advertisers to pull their Daily Show ads.


I'm down with TP on the FB

A little backstory. Cottonelle had a problem on its hands. People who bought moist wipes were keeping them out of view in the bathroom, down in the cabinets somewhere. So they were forgetting about them and not going through them fast enough.

Cottonelle’s solution was simple: Make moist wipes part of your daily ass-wiping regimen as opposed to a some-time thing. And create a social media space where fans could share their thoughts on moist toilet paper wipes. To Cottonelle’s credit, they crowd-sourced the name of their product care routine. Genius, huh?!


Kim Kardashian for Midori: "Stand Out" Billboards

These billboards are going up in and around Hollywood right now, featuring Kim Kardashian wearing green while everyone else wears white. "Stand Out" is the motto from Midori, as their sickly green drinks do. This idea and execution, featuring Kim of all people can only work in an around Hollywood because everywhere else on the planet this is incredibly out of touch and tacky as all get out.


GM stops buying ads on Facebook, keep pages, do they "get" Social Media better than everyone else?

Soon after the news that GM has pulled all of it's ten million dollars in paid advertising from Facebook, BL Ochman at Adage shows us 11 Boring Things GM Posted on Facebook. By posted she means on their facebook pages, the "free" Facebook advertising space they are not paying ten million dollars to occupy. Ochman argues that GM doesn't get social media, and they never did. I think by yanking the ten million media spend, while keeping their pages, they're showing that they know more than they let on.

Here's an example that Ochman picked off GM's facebook fan page to make her point:


Taco Del Mar and Wexley School for Girls go shrimpsurfing

The lovingly hipster-branded Taco del mar tapped Seattle-based advertising agency Wexley School for Girls to launch their new Shrimp Tostada.

The idea is to make you laugh, as "the only thing Taco Del Mar takes too seriously is their food and their customers."

“We are excited about these spots," says Ian Cohen, Executive Creative Director of Wexley School for Girls. "Taco Del Mar is all about bringing the best Baja style Mexican Food to the world and what better way to tout the Baja than with a surfer."

"Of course our surfer also reflects the fun and quirky aspect of the brand too," says Cohen. "So all in all we hope people grasp the fun of the spots and head to Taco Del Mar for a Tostada."


Epic Steps - Free Bradley manning posters running thanks to cause marketing Kickstarter for billboards

Depending on your view, Bradley Manning is either a patriot or a traitor for his alleged role in supplying Wikileaks with a bunch of classified documents.


Is Working Not Working a freelancer's dream come true?

A new site designed to streamline the freelancing process is in Beta right now.
Working Not Working was created by Justin Gignac and Adam Tompkins.

The goals of Working Not Working are fantastic : less time spent on self-promotion, more time being creative. It also acts as a way for hiring managers to find, favorite and create their freelance list.

Meanwhile, freelancers create their profile, including title, experience level and day rate. They also earn the equivalent of "mad props," and increase their reputation (and one presumes, their frequency of jobs) in the process.

photo Benny Chan

TBWA/Chiat/Day launch 'content arm' dubbed "Let there be dragons"

The LA branch of TBWA, home of Lee Clow and countless surfboards, has launched a "content arm" they dubbed "Let there be dragons". It's headed up by veteran producer, Jennifer Golub. Why dragons?

The name of the entity comes from 16th century cartography. Jennifer explains, "When map-makers had to identify uncharted waters, they labeled them, "There be Dragons." We love the challenge of the uncharted waters of new content and new media. We're saying bring on the dragons. We're ready to slay them."