DKT Prudence - Persuasion / Not a monster - long copy ad for condoms

"Things we're getting even more interesting, and I'm not just talking about the conversation. I beg your pardon? That's why you locked yourself in the bathroom? That's what you do when things get more interesting? Do you do this when you watch a movie that's not so good, and then, suddenly, there's a twist and it gets better?"

Microsoft slaps Google in ad about Google’s new data policy

The body copy in this ad isn't holding back, and it ran in many national newspapers in the US on Wednesday. If it wasn't clear to you before, it will be now - you are not a user of search tools, you are a bit of data to sell to advertisers.

"Every data point Google collects and connects to you increases how valuable you are to an advertiser"

Of course, Microsoft would like you to use their products instead. Like Bing.


The "Likebelt", like things by thrusting your pelvis at it.

The kids at Deeplocal must have been a litte bored recently, as someone sat down to make the "Like Belt". This fancy giant buckle allows you to "like" things in the real world... By thrusting your pelvis at it. A bit like a misbehaving dog or one of the guys from Wayne's world: SCHWING!. Oh ha ha, very funny - and to make sure you realize how silly this is they took the belt out for a test on the town, liking coffee-shops, checking in at the office and making facebook friends. The best part is when the lady wearing the belt wants to make Facebook friends with the guy she meets.... wait for it.


Bad automatic banner ad placement of the day.

Those clever little algorithms designed to pick up on words in articles and match a decent ad with it often backfire. The worst example is probably when Mercedes banner ads kept appearing around articles about princess Dianas death. It's been over a decade since and despite unlimited tweaking, these things still happen. In this article in a Norwegian newspaper the headline reads: "Steira is too thin to ski", as this athlete weighs less than the weight required to compete in Ryblinsk.

Underneath there's a banner announcing how to lose weight fast. Oops. Watch the bad banner in action here.


Downy's pathetic attempt at Super Bowl spot

Apparently the creatives behind this sad sack of an ad for Downy's Unstopables, think it's a quality idea to rip off a classic Super Bowl spot and make it suck. Mean Joe Greene sells his soul along with Amy Sedaris in this 30-second spot. Sure, it's a pre-game ad, but that doesn't mean you should half-ass it. Plus, Coke already went there in 2009 for its Coke Zero with "Mean Troy". Oh Grey, you should really be ashamed.


Super Bowl XLVI: Ads of 2012 - SPOILER ALERT - UPDATED 2/3

Yes, there's more new news on what ads you can expect to see on Sunday 2/5 during Super Bowl XLVI. As always, the more we find out about the commercials we'll see in the big game that brands paid $3.5 million per 30 second spot, the more we'll update. Check back for more updates to come--we've called out what's new to make it easier for you to skim.

NOTE: If you want to be surprised, don't go any farther. And, don't say we didn't warn you.


Anheuser-Busch: Bud Light Platinum"Factory" is a :30 spot that showcases how "the process of creating something truly Platinum is revealed". Ends with #MakeItPlatinum. Expect less frat-boy humor and a “more stylish, serious tone” that promotes “triple-filtered, smooth finish, top-shelf taste.”
Created by: Translation led by Steve Stoute and Jay-Z.


GE goes for heart-strings instead of funny during Super Bowl

Our sources tell us GE plans to air two 45-second documentary-style spots during this year’s game featuring real American workers talking about their contributions to the American manufacturing industry. No word yet when these will run or if they are running in local markets only.


AR Olympic Navigator to get you juiced for the Olympics

ARworks has launched the GPS based, Augmented Reality Olympic Navigator, a new channel of the free Junaio AR browser (which you need to download first). With the app, depending on their choice, users can see the cities of the previous Olympic games or the exact venues of the 2012 London Olympics around them on the live picture of their smartphone.

With the app, depending on their choice, users can see the cities of the previous Olympic games or the exact venues of the 2012 London Olympics around them on the live picture of their smartphone.


Dream Doctors - For a few minutes, the disease is less scary , print , Israel

“For a few minutes, the disease is less scary.” - way to make cells & viruses look like clowns.