Coca Cola - Pin Up posters - (2007) (New Zealand)


Coca Cola - Pin Up posters - (2007) (New Zealand)

Sure, FINE, damn you Kiwis just rub it in you have summer down there while we freeze our bums off up here. Just rub it in won't you. In fact, rub it in with a series of coke pinup posters featuring bikini clad babes frolicking with giant bottles why don't you? Go ahead. See if I care.

I'd like to remind you all that 7up did it thirteen years ago with a lot more skin. In fact, all skin, she's nude!

Credits - Ad Agency: Publicis Mojo, Auckland
Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Agency: Far East DDB Bangkok
Copywriter: Guy Denniston
Art Director: Emmanuel Bougneres

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Sitting here in cold gray Denmark, I think I could use a drink. Or a kiwi.

I'll get you a beer at four dude. Hang in there.

Thanks, I'll be there.  :-)

The pinup thing has been done so many times, even "ironically", that it should be punishable with sudden creative death. It's just tired. Frankly, I'm taken aback that a world wide brand such as Coke didn't think even the "ironic" version, done as deadpan as these, would offend women. Sure we've seen a lot worse, but this is just old. We have to stop this shit.

I suppose I agree with you in theory, but still, Coke's only interested in selling Coke; and pinups (no matter how offensive to some) are proven sales tools.  I don't agree that the majority of women in NZ will find these offensive, and I don't think those inclined to drink Coca-Cola products will boycott their products.  I think these are rather tame compared with the use of sexually provocative ads to sell cosmetics and beer and liquor, and everything else under the sun.  Advertisers aren't going to stop objectifying women as long it works.

They don't look like true pinups to me.

Of course, I'm comparing them to the work of Alberto Vargas, which is unfair, but they still just look like a lazy 'photoshop' type cut and paste job to me that took little time and effort to produce.

"Happiness is overrated. Take this placebo; it might make you feel better."

This is totally agree with., If you're gonna go the tired pinup route, do it properly. Do a photographic Vargas homage shot with Dita von Teese as your main model or call Boris Vallejo like Lynx did!

An Alberto Vargas homage with Dita Von Tease! That's brilliant! Why the hell isn't Coca-Cola calling you?!

"Happiness is overrated. Take this placebo; it might make you feel better."

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