Bud Light - Foreign Accent / Language of Love - (2008) :30 (USA)

Directing last year's Carlos Mencia project (Bud Light "Classroom") was like catching lightning in a bottle," recalls Konk's Chris Koch of his 2007 Game Day outing. "Trying to top it and to make the cut for this year«s Super Bowl was quite the challenge."

Koch and company rose to the occasion, delivering a worthy follow-up in which Mencia offers a barroom class in the "Language of Love." Of course, Mencia's Latin lover moves are no match for a dude who speaks the language of Bud Light.

"We wanted to take this spot to the next level and the best way to do that was to take Carlos and
his students out of the classroom and into a bar," Koch says. "Our favorite students from last year are on board and we've added a few new ones. Of course, we brought back our 'Bood Light' guy, who has the last line - and laugh - in the spot."

"There was so much great footage, we cut the spot about 20 different ways," Cutter's Editor John Dingfield recalls. "Aside from Mencia, who can be counted on to be consistently funny, the supporting actors were all fantastic at improv, so we had a ton of takes to choose from."

Dingfield adds that director Koch's approach to the shoot offered numerous ways to open an close the spot. "It wound up being really fun, since we were able to play with structure, tone, and performance," he says. While this was his first time working with Koch, Dingfield notes that the two fell into a very comfortable collaboration. "Chris has a great comic sensibility, and a great eye for what cuts well," Dingfield asserts. "And the footage shows a wide range of humor, from subtle scenes to over-the-top comedy."

Agency: LatinWorks Marketing CEO/Managing Partner: Manny Flores President/Chief Creative: Sergio Alcocer Copywriter(s): Michael Page, Carter Pagel Art Director(s): Seth Taylor, Jedd Oberly Sr. Account Supervisor: Allison Freund Producer: Elizabeth Spiva Production Company: Konk Inc Director: Chris Koch Executive Producer: David Kerwin Producer: Jeanine Brand DP: Don Matthew Smith Art Director: Wayne Smith Stylist: Heather Cox Casting: Deborah Kurtz Casting Editorial Company: Cutters (LA) Editor: John Dingfield Assistant Editors: Aki Johnson, Virginie Strub Executive Producer: Nicole Visram Producer: Karen Vargas Telecine: The Syndicate Colorist/Artist: Beau Leon Online: The Syndicate Artist(s): Verdi Sevenhuysen, Mike Ek Music & Sound Design: Razorhead Music Executive Producer: Rob Filomena Sound Design and Mix: Luis Felipe Herrera 5.1 Surround Mixing: Kurt Upper Additional Mix: POP Sound Mixer: Stephen Dickson Assistant Mixer: Nick Bozzone Producer: Erin Reilly
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No wonder everyone is getting fired at DDB Chicago. Good riddance.

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Man, this is horrible.

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