You know I can just picture this idea coming into fruition via a discussion about adding "in bed" to the end of anything makes it better, and then it was softened to "in slow motion" because "in bed" is too raunchy. So they wrote the line "Kate Upton washes car in slow motion" and then high fived themselves and everyone around the office.


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  • Garry Peterson's picture
    Garry Peterson (not verified)

    This is a very good idea about the service of any car,in every car service center they advertise in various ways for their services & marketing for the customers.

    Feb 22, 2013
  • Simon11's picture
    Simon11 (not verified)

    Really impressive marketing strategy..! Cool cars and hot chicks have always been a lethal combination. No wonder that the Mercedes Benz team decided to shoot the stuff. The ad is pretty cool I'd say. A nice balance of various aspects like beauty,charm and lust have been portrayed here. I'd say that the ad isn't raunchy but sexy but a lot depends on how we perceive things as well. Besides I'd say a great choice in choosing Kate Upton for the role ;)

    Mar 14, 2013