I love this commercial-- the local guy showing you around with all the highlights of Patchogue, none of which include Blue Point Brewery, and yet the Brewery name, logo or product is in every shot.
"Now you flooded it," is classic. Also, cutting him off at the end when the train rolls by.

This is part of a brand refresh, including print and packaging. I didn't realize Blue Point is Long Island's oldest and largest craft brewery.

Client: AB InBev
Agency: VSA Partners
bob winter, ecd, vsa
josh witherspoon, cd, vsa
timothy white, cd, vsa
evan thompson, writer, vsa
katie quinn, designer, vsa
denny liu, designer, vsa
ashley geisheker, edp, vsa
brian billow, director, o positive
bob ackerman, editor, the colonie
craig sutherland, music+sound


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  • Jay Smith's picture
    Jay Smith (not verified)

    The Patchogue local seems like such a great guy. He reminds me of my best friend (by default).

    Jun 05, 2016

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