Excedrin Migraine - You Know Pain (2005) :30 (USA)


Excedrin Migraine - You Know Pain (2005) :30 (USA)

Elisabeth Moss knows pain, because if you have migraines you know pain. And Excedrin Migraine doesn't just get rid of the migraine, it also relieves the sensitivity to light and sound. "These things are for real" Elisabeth Moss says and leans closer to the camera before explaining that Excedrin can take care of a migraine in half an hour. "And if you have migraines, you know how fast that is."

I may have repeated the word "migraine" more often than Elisabeth Moss did in this ad. I tried.

principal talent: Elisabeth Moss

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Elisabeth Moss did a Excedrin Commercial but this is not it...this is Jaime Dudney (BARBARA MANDRELL'S daughter!

What? That is so not Jaime Dudney. That's Peggy Olson.

That is DEFINITELY Elisabeth Moss. She was on a TV show called "Invasion" in 2005 & this was exactly what she looked like. Besides, if you Google "Jaime Dudney Excedrin commercial", you get nothing. If you Google "Elisabeth Moss Excedrin commercial", you get tons of results. Elisabeth Moss is awesome! She's one hell of an actress!

Of course it's Peggy. She's listed as principal talent.

This commercial is PATHETIC! I have had migraines my whole life... and how this commercial portrays it just irritates me A LOT. Yes, a half hour is quick, but I have found other methods that can help relieve the pain quicker.
They just seem to over-dramatize everything - and the 'model' is someone who (more than likely) does not know what they are talking about, and has never experienced it either.

Are we sure about the 2005 date? Not only would she have been doing "Invasion" at that time, you're also talking about that being the end of the run of "The West Wing." She would not have just been another actress taking a commercial job.

Yes, we're sure about the 2005 date.

Polly Clark!!! It's Torch.
I love her.
"(...her) face. It's ugly."

I scream each time I see this commercia..the quivering, whiney voice ustinfuriates me! "Ooooh! These things are real". Well DUH! I thought I was imagining mine! What total drivel!

I like the look she gives the viewer at the end of the commercial!!!

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