Fiat Strada - Handbuilt by robots - (1979) 0:60 (UK) Classic


Fiat Strada - Handbuilt by robots - (1979) 0:60 (UK) Classic

One of my absolute fave adverts. Ever.

Ironically when Hugh Hudson arrived on set in Turin he had to navigate past picketers outside who were protesting against the robots taking their jobs.

Agency: CDP - Collett Dickenson Pearce
Creative Director: John Salmon
Art Director : David Horry
Copywriter : Paul Weiland
Director: Hugh Hudson
Production company : Hudson Films

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I don't care how old it is, I still love this ad. Love love love it!

I agree, this is one helluva advert... ;)

And somehow it's that good since it's done with no freakin FX and tons of animation. The real stuff.

The music is actually from Rossini's "Barber of Seville." It's the aria "Largo al factotum"

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