Hennesey - The Man Who Couldn't Slow Down - (2014) :60 (USA)


Hennesey - The Man Who Couldn't Slow Down - (2014) :60 (USA)

The greatest speed record chaser of all time, Malcolm Campbell was an English racing motorist who devoted his life to the pursuit of speed. Campbell set nine world land speed records and was the first human to break the 300 mph barrier. His life perfectly embodies the spirit of Hennessy Never Stop. Never Settle.

This ad doesn't intend to stop either, as it just picked up a pencil at the D&AD awards.

ad agency: Droga5



I remember these, there are 3 IIRC. However, since it is race weekend; Formula 1, Indy 500 & NASCAR I ain't complaining. Even Nissan and Ford UK have big announcements.

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