SMASH is a promotional tool developed for K's JAPAN, a guitar designed to be destroyed.
It is an extraction of K's JAPAN's rock spirit, "Destroy to Create"- to destroy rigid systems to create something new.

This is a viral video manual of SMASH!
It was part of a promotional campaign to make K's JAPAN famous including rock events, iphone applications, viral videos etc.

SMASH is an actual product that could be bought through for just 50dollars! Due to its unexpected popularity, it sold out. However K's JAPAN is planning to make a second edition.
So those who would like to purchase one,
please keep a watch out on their website:

Ageny: Hakuhodo Inc.
Creative Director: Jin Saito
Art Director: Kentaro Harano
Copywriter: Hidenori Sakai
Agency Producer: Shoko Akutagawa
Production Company:Hakuhodo Products
Producer: Hirofumi Nobuta
Director: Manabu Terao


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