There are times when you want to stay awake with caffeine. And there are other times when falling asleep will actually help you. Take the case of Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian Chemist who only figured out his periodic table after he went to sleep and dreamed about it. I love the way the singer of the song gets progressively more tired, too.

It might get you a great night's sleep but I'm never drinking decaf.

Agency: JWT Brazil Client: Master Blenders Product: Pilão Decaf Account team: Stefano Paduan, Felipe Giacon Media: Wagner Sena, André Simões Planning team: José Lucas, Juliana Maaz, João Caputti CCO: Ricardo John Head of art: Fábio Simoes Creative Director: Erick Rosa Copywriter: Fernando Duarte Art Director: Pedro Hefs, Thiago Arrighi RTV Director: Márcia Lacaze Animation: Daniel Semanas / Paulo Stoker Clean up: Guma / Lucas Fiacadori Production Company Account responsible: Marcel Yin Weckx Sound Production Company: Big Foote Audio Music Production: Equipe Bigfoote Locutor: Pascoal da Conceição and Marcelo Meirelles/ Mark Grandfield Illustration: Pedro Hefs, Thiago Arrighi

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