McDonald's Australia have cooked up some fresh Dadvertising, showing how a dad goes from motorcycling, dancing, beer making bachelor freedom dude to emergency-room-visiting, tea-party having, makeup-trying Dad. He would do anything for love - though somewhere after the nookie has been had, mom vanishes from the picture, so this is parental love we're singing about not partner love - but he won't eat chicken McNuggets.

That's OK, McDonald's have adult tasting burgers too now. One question, does it go with home-brewed beer? And when will dad show his daughter how sweet a motorcycle ride is? I never had a tea party in my life but I did help my dad fix engines. Noam Churro who directed this has three sons said his biggest challenge was to get into the "girl dad" mindset. I guess that's why the tea-party stereotype showed up. We've seen that, and the makeup, more often than weddings in advertising now.

Ad Agency: DDB Sydney
Client: McDonald's
Director: Noah Marshall
Production Company: The Sweet Shop

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