Oreo Fudge Cremes - Shut the Front Door - (2011) :30 (USA)


Oreo Fudge Cremes - Shut the Front Door - (2011) :30 (USA)

"Shut the front door" and other creative ways of almost swearing.

Agency: Draftfcb New York
Darren Moran / Chief Creative Officer
Gary Resch / SVP, Group Creative Director/Copywriter
Noah Davis / SVP, Creative Director/Art Director
Jill Applebaum / SVP, Group Creative Director/Copywriter

Jennifer Glendining / Producer
Paddy Giordano / SVP, Head of Broadcast Production

Susan Polachek / SVP, Grp Management Director
Pinsuda Sagooleim / Account Supervisor

Production: BOB Industries
Harry Cocciolo / Director
John O'Grady / Exec Producer
Tim Hudson / DP
Joaquin Grey / Production Designer

Edit: Beast
Jim Ulbrich / Editor
Elizabeth Krawjeski / Exec Producer

FX: Public Art
Music: Beta Petrol



I think this is a terrible commercial when selling items to children. You are endorsing swearing and encouraging children to swear. Plus, I truly want to see one mother say that infront of her children.

"Shut the front door"? Man, I say that to my kid all the time. :))

Fuck you

In your viagra-fuelled dreams.

ah ah Dabitch, you're my hero ;-)


too much nuff said

I can't figure out the point of this commercial. Are they saying this cookie is for retards only or that eating this cookie will make you a retard?

I think it's great! The actress is charismatic.
Ms. Dabitch, you are pretty cool too.

This is a terrible commercial
What are we teaching our children?

To shut the front door. Haven't we been over this already?

Can't imagine anyone who's genuinely scandalized by swear words anymore. If you're shocked by shut the front door, it can't be the words themselves that get to you, since there's no vulgar diction employed. However, the sentiment doesn't seem to be objectionable in this case either (expressing disbelief at the tastiness of a cookie).

I know I would be way more hurt and outraged if my child told me I was an incompetent parent that didn't deserve their affection than if they said "shut the fuck up" after trying an Oreo.

Also, don't want the door to be open indefinitely, right? Kids have responsibilities too ;)

AnonymousCoward, you are wise, insightful, and well...brilliant. There, I said it.

I'm anonymous coward!! Who is the teen girl she's pretty hot

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I know right? ;D

And AnonymousCoward? Like wtf? Stupid website -.-
I'm sorry but I prefer StaySober bitches!

What a great commercial, people complaining about it need to find a better way to waste their loser lives:)!!!

open the back door.

I am really surprised to see people on here taking up for this commerical. When I look at what this commerical is saying when they say "shut the front door" I think that someone didn't take the time to look at what it really meant or if they did they were so wrong to use it. It isn't a slang but a way of saying shut the FFFF up. Some of you many find humor in this but it really isn't funny. The commerical should be stopped and that section deleted from the commerical. We get the point "they are excited about the great taste and are shout out slang but Shut the Front Door is more than that. This company has promoted family and a treat together for years. What are they going to start supporting ... a swearing moment to remember. Sorry, I didn't like the commerical. Also, the comment "better way to waster their loser lives" what are you doing then.... your on here too and if you had time to even think about people being loser for being on here then you only let us know what you think of yourself (again duh! you are on here too)

wow...I guess I'm a retard and horrible monster mother because that commercial doesn't offend me...I think it's pretty funny and it makes me smile when I hear it...my children have NO idea the meaning behind it. Are those who are offended (be honest with yourself) also offended by gosh, fricking, dang or darn??? If you are seriously offended or worried about your children...TURN OFF THE TV...there is PLENTY more to be offended by than someone saying SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

BTW I am not an anonymous coward...I had no way to add my name to post a reply

what does the franklin delrosa mean?

Google Franklin Delano Roosevelt (the former POTUS you know) and "presidential curse" to get an idea why his name entered the vernacular instead of a curse among members of grandpas generation in America.

(A Swede is explaining American expressions. Yeah, that just happened.)

anyone who has a problem with this commercial can shut the front door

it even worse that he took this project from another person and proceeded to slop his crappy writing skills all over it.

If you're gonna anonymously accuse people of stealing work, be less cryptic.

I Am a mother and teacher. The kids know what the phrase means. And if I am not mistaken, Franklin "Delano" means "f*** if I know" very disturbing to think that adult consumers would find this commercial in good taste and run out and buy Oreo products. We should not buy Oreo products! Oreo gets a bad rap for their name and what children think is an Oreo. Never the less, adults do not behave or talk this way because we know better.

Yes, we know far better than asking anyone to shut the front door. Leave it wide open. Let the mosquitoes in. Go on.

Shut the fuck up

Welcome to the post where the humorless congregate.

This is a GREAT commercial LOVE it LOVE it!!,,

Yeah, you are mistaken. You're also an idiot. How can you not know that "Franklin Delano" refers to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Obviously, the joke here is that it's an old man making an old-timey quip. It's clear to me now why kids in this country score so low on standardized tests; they've got morons like you teaching them. Go take a nap in your garage with the car running.

I never have eaten oreos, I don't intend to start, and it is disgusting what inuendos and other real language goes into living rooms now a days.

You don't say it in her mentality; admit it.

Do you have kids? Everyone gets frustrated in front of their kids, and instead of cussing in front of them we find creative ways to express ourselves. This is along the same lines as "son of a pup," which I also say ALL the time.

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