This animated film tells the story of Anya, a Russian Orphan who grows up to become a mother and give her own kid love because her orphanage was a caring environment in part to the efforts of Irish Charity To Russia With Love. It is very moving and well done, thanks to Brown Bag Films. They spent a lot of effort and time to create it, and it shows. So if you are as moved by it as I was, then make a donation. To Russia With Love is the kind of charity that deserves all the support it can get.

If you stick around to the end of the film you'll get a treat, too. They show you how they mapped out the animation using live action sequences. Very cool.

Advertising Agency: Brown Bag films, Dublin, Ireland Agency website: Creative Director: Damien O'Connor Art Director: Damien O'Connor Copywriter: Damien O'Connor Published: Month, Year 05/2014

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