Absolute temporarily suspended its no-shirt, no-shoes, no-service policy to finish the latest video for Brooklyn-based power pop band Valley Lodge. All of My Loving is set in a bizarre household in which every piece of furniture - from the beds to the tables to the toilet - is comprised of totally nude live-action male human bodies or parts of bodies. While the actors wore underwear during the shoot, Lead Flame Artist James "Krispy" Cornwell used his visual magic to make the clothing disappear by giving it the texture and color of skin.

Mekanism's Dave & Rory directed the funky, upbeat video, which follows the loose narrative path of a somewhat bewildered (but fully clothed) man stumbling through his daily routine in the austere house: ironing his laundry on a human ironing board, relaxing on a reclining chair and ottoman made of bodies, and, finding one lamp made of an attractive female, guiding her to his bed - comprised of six men on all fours herded together - and flipping a human finger protruding from the wall to douse the lights and end the story.

Aside from making the actors appear to be nude, Absolute added lighting to give the video a more finished look and built the human furniture by combining Mekanism's three takes (done from different heights and angles) using multiple video layers.

Artist: Valley Lodge Title: All of My Loving Directors: Dave & Rory (repped by Mekanism) Producer: Margaux Ravis Creative: Dave Clark, Rory Hanrahan, Margaux Ravis Production Company: Yard Sale Productions DP: Malcolm Murray Executive Producer: Katie Matson Line Producer: Brian Quinlan Human Furniture Consultants: Tavi Stutz, Aaron Berk Visual Effects Company: Absolute Post VFX Flame Artists: Dirk Greene, James 'Krispy' Cornwell Assists: Tim Andrews, Kristine Nordella, Warren Paleos, Michel Smith, Mark Epstein, Ross Goldstein VFX Producer: Nirad Russell Telecine: Fergus McCall, The Mill Editorial Company: Final Cut Editor: Carlos Arias Editorial Producer: Viet-An Nguyen Editorial Executive Producer: Rana Martin