Volkswagen Golf - Eat More Fish - (2006) :30 (France)


Volkswagen Golf - Eat More Fish - (2006) :30 (France)

Agence V (DDB Paris)



Beautifully done...

Truly boring and unoriginal. What was the product again? VW France email me. I'll show you how to sell Dubs.

....boring is subjective.. But unoriginal? Where on earth did you see anything like this before?

It's good. I can see how it can work in Europe but maybe not so much in America though. We like to eat hamburgers and have short-term memories!

Bill, Everything is subjective. You really want me to research where I've seen this before? It's as stale as. Dub ads used to be stand-out but this isn't one of them. (in my subjective opinion). It might be a nice visual arty-farty ad but please tell me how it's gonna persuade people to buy VW??You think they're gonna go "Oh yeah...Volkswagen...the people who made that nice ad...I must have one now"? It's a wank.

Well pardon me, I thought you could pull it out of your memory banks, a la: "It's just like that Fiat ad from last year." And I think it will persuade people to buy Volkswagen because it tells people in a clever manner that the VW comes with everything and more. Which is a nice selling point for a car where the extras tend to get costly. It's also art directed in the classic VW vein, and so instantly recognisable as a VW ad. People may say "Forget the Peugeot, VW has all the extras at the listed price, nice."

"it tells people in a clever manner that the VW comes with everything and more." - what the hell are you smoking? It tells us nothing. It scrolls a few features at the end and then speeds them up (because they are boring) until you can't read them. You're out of your mind if you think this ad will work. It might win some art direction awards, though. And as for "instantly recognisable as a VW ad" - it's a poor imitation of the genre.

Pretty hard to beat this original Bill Bernback Dub ad - lemon

Why can't they have car ads like these in America!?

Agree to disagree then. No matter what you accuse me of smoking, I won't change my mind and clearly, you won't either. Vote the ad down if you hate it so much, it's currently got a perfect 5 score. oh and the lemon ad? You drag that old shit up? First of all, it's not the best VW ad from the bernbuck era, second a thousand great VW ads have been made since - what rock have you been hiding under?

now now Hygge, remember: Everyone who generalises is wrong.

Ah keep smoking, Bill. I didn't say it was the best. Just pretty hard to beat. And nothing like it had been done before. B.B. got it past them because the German guy who approved it didn't understand the connotation of lemon. I like this old shit as you call it. Worked it's arse off too. i.e. sold shitloads of lemons to the gas-guzzling Yanks. :)

Worked it's arse off too - On that I won't disagree because it's very true.

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