john st. have created an emotionally overwhelming film for War Child. It starts with the scenarios of war torn countries, a father being threatened by a gun, a child running across a land mine in the road, a bomb blast at a market. But then, the scenarios don't play out as how you expected them to.

Where childhood thrives. War does not.
War Child provides the education, opportunity and justice that children in areas of conflict need to break the cycle of poverty and violence.

“We’ve been working with War Child for almost ten years,” says Stephen Jurisic, co- CD at john st., War Child Canada’s agency of record. “Our goal has been largely to raise awareness and raise funds with campaigns like Camp Okutta and Help Child Soldiers. But this time, the broader objective was to define War Child’s mission. The campaign idea - Where childhood thrives, war does not – achieves that in a really powerful and hopeful way.”

Client: War Child Title: Jam Agency: john st. Creative Directors: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic Copy Writer: Keri Zierler Art Director: Hannah Smit Agency Producer: Christine Stephens Account Service: Melissa Tobenstein, Sarah Frackowiak Brand Experience/Planning: Jason Last, Allison Coggins Director: Henry Lu 2/2 Production Company: Soft Citizen, Moxie, AFS Exec Producer: Eva Preger (Soft Citizen), Dale Kushner (AFS) Line Producer: Nick Sorbara (Soft Citizen) and Lawrence Goodman (AFS) Director of Photography: Michael Cleary Editorial (Editor, Editorial company): Poster Boy Finishing/Effects: Crush Audio: Grayson Matthews Track Composer: Keith Kennith

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  • Michiel Krohne's picture
    Michiel Krohne (not verified)

    Solid concept. Execution, no pun intended, could have been a bit better. I think that they got the crayons in the machine gun idea from Banksy's (alleged) mural in Westwood.

    Oct 24, 2012

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