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Enova - Snu strømmen - Neighbors (2009) (Norway)

Snu strømmen

Enova - "Snu strømmen" / Date (2009) (Norway)

Felix - Utan tillsatt socker / No Sugar ketchup (2005) (Sweden)

Nobody directs complaining men as well as Roy Andersson does. This man is complaining that the ketchup has no sugar.

Aftonbladet - The Fire (2004) (Sweden)

Hela Sverige bakar!

Posten - The Sunchair (2003) (Sweden)

"Som ett brev på posten" is a Swedish expression that literally means "like a letter in the mail" and figuratively means "a s

Posten - The Drummer (2003) (Sweden)

"Som ett brev på posten" is a Swedish expression that literally means "like a letter in the mail" and figuratively means "a s

Posten - The Party / Hangover (2003) (Sweden)

"Som ett brev på posten" is a Swedish expression that literally means "like a letter in the mail" and figuratively means "a s

Posten - THE BOXER (2003) - Sweden

"Som ett brev på posten"

Posten - Barbershop (2002) (Sweden)

"Som ett brev på posten" is a Swedish expression that literally means "like a letter in the mail" and figuratively means "a s

Gigantti - Ashes (2001) :30 (Finland)

A woman scrapes all the ashes from the open fireplace only to pour it all over herself.

JC Decaux - Global street furniture (2000) - (France)

A promo film for billboards.

ARLA - The Priest / Prästen (1997) :50 (Finland)

Once again the stingy milk farmer doesn't want to share too much of his cheese. Not even with the priest. 

Dyrup - The Mosquito (1997) (Denmark)

A man sprays to kill a mosquito

Sitram - Christmas (1995) (France)


SITRAM - Wedding (1995) - (France)

The bride does not appreciate her gift.

Sitram - Birthday (1995) (France)

The same couple as in the wedding, except now it's her birthday, and she does not appreciate the gift.

Air France - Airplane / Crowded (1995) :30 (France)

Two men on a crowded flight. Air France introduces passenger rights.

Air France - The line / Orkestern (1995) :30 (France)


Arla - The forest / Skogen (1995) :50 (Finland)


Arla - Köket / The Kitchen (1995) :50 (Finland)

For goodness sake, let the boy eat.

Arla - Finrummet - Osthyvel / The millionaire cheese slicer (1995) :55 (Finland)

ARLA - FINRUMMET 1995 Studio 24, Roy Andersson Filmproduktion, customer Arla, advertising agency Hasan & Partners, cinematographer Istvan Borbas,

Citroén - Car Wash (1995) :40 (France)

A car meets a car wash and everything goes wrong.

Falcon Bayerskt öl - The party / Grannens fest (1994) :50 (Sweden)

A couple is having a quiet dinner when the noise from the neighbors becomes too much to bear.

Handelsbanken - Cheap Flight Service - (1993) 0:30 (Sweden)

Punchline reminiscent of the 2005 Bud Light - Skydiving Superbowl ad gag.

Cloetta - Go' och glad Kexchoklad / GENERALEN / the General (1993) :30 (Sweden)

Go' och glad Kexchoklad means Good and happy Cookie Chocolate

Fazer Dumle - "Barnsligt gott" / Childishly good (1992) 75 (Sweden)

A series of very childish things done by grownups, because dumle is childishly good.

VIKING LINE - Where is everyone? / Var är alla människor? (1991) :75 (Sweden)


Lotto - A new thriller every week / the local pub (1990) :50 (Sweden)

Trying to hear the winning lottery numbers at the local pub, the lotto-playing man is foiled again.

Felix - Pommes strips / Farmer couple (1988) :30 (Sweden)

A farmer couple explains that they have farmed potatoes for 50 years and sold to Felix.

Socialdemokraterna - Kan vi bry oss om varandra? (1988) :75 (Sweden)

People tell the camera what they want.

Preppens Lättöl - Tjohoo! / Cheers (1987) :30 (Sweden)

"So you don't say no to a glass of light beer?"

LO - Sjukvården / How are you doing? (1987) :50 (Sweden)

Nurses at a hospital have some fun, and some not so fun, times at work.

Lotto - A new thriller every week (1985) :45 (Sweden)

Once again the old man gets his ears pulled because the other man didn't learn what the lottery numbers are.

SAP / Socialdemokraterna - Why should we care about each other? - (1985) :75 (Sweden)

Back when Socialdemokraterna were still called Socialdemokratiska arbetarpartiet - Reklamfilm SAP Varför ska vi bry oss om varandra?

HSB - Baby bed / Spjälsängen (1985) :30 (Sweden)

Parents prepare a nice little birthday party, singing with the cake all the way through the hallway until they reach their child's room. 
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Trygg-Hansa - Museum / No Photo Senor (1985) :50 (Sweden)

A Swedish man films in a museum when a museum worker tells him this is not allowed.

Lotto - The family / Familjen (1985) :30 (Sweden)

The family gathers to check the lottery numbers. 

Sockerbolaget / Sugar - Lanthandeln / The country store (1985) :30 (Sweden)

Two little old ladies from abroad are trying to find some sort of sugar substitute, but the country store does not carry anything like that.

Konsum - Mat / Ingredients & Imagination (1985) :50 (Sweden)

We have the food, you have the imagination. KONSUM MAT 1985 50" Studio24, Roy Andersson Filmproduktion, customer Kooperativa Förbundet, advertis

Trygg-Hansa - Audi 100 cabriolet (1984) :30 (Sweden)

In a nice self-referential ad Roy returns to the man in the phone booth who has just bought a car.

Trygg-Hansa - The wedding / Bröllopet (1981) :40 (Sweden)

When attempting to kickstart a car, everything goes wrong. Tagline: I goda händer om det händer.

Trygg-Hansa - Call us / Car meets boat (1980) :30 (Sweden)


DATE - The meeting / "Mötet" / chivalry isn't dead (1980) :30 (Sweden)

A young man jumps up onto the handlebar to allow four ladies to pass him, and to demonstrate that chivalry isn't dead.

Trygg-Hansa - "Trädet" / The Tree "Call us and your car is insured" (1980) :30 (Sweden)

It's so easy, get insured, just call and register and it's done!

Trygg-Hansa - Raggaren / Joy Rider (1979) :30 (Sweden)

A man has bad luck with gravity - as his car slides into the water and he has to rescue his girlfriend.

Trygg-Hansa - Before you set up a home / chain reaction (1978) :30 (Sweden)

A young couple are setting up their home, with the man on a ladder hammering something on the wall.

Trygg-Hansa - Ice Fishing / Isvaken (1977) :30 (Sweden)

“Sooner or later you need insurance”

Trygg-Hansa - Avsked / Goodbye (1976) :40 (Sweden)

Trygg-Hansa - The Boat / Båten (1975) (Sweden)

Having a bit of bad luck with a fishing boat.

Trygg Hansa - Car door / "Sooner or later" (1975) :30 (Sweden)

"Sooner or later you need insurance"
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