The Adland Podcast ep 10: What will Will the agency do next?

Will the agency launched in Los Angeles recently vowing to fight cancel culture. They've set up all the usual socials, their website and their Twitter, and that's where they immediately got into trouble. So I had to see what that is all about and invited Josh Denny, founder, and head of business development, together with Isaac Simpson, founder, and creative director to talk about it.

Within five minutes, we were talking about Hitler's hand in developing what might be the world's most beloved and iconic hippie-car - the Beetle.

DDB's founder Bill Bernbach took on the VW client when they were exported to the USA, and the art director on the job, Helmut Krone, has famously said "To be completely honest, I was wondering what was going on in Bernbach's head, because it really had Nazi connotations to it," as he really didn't think this was a client they should take on. The rest, as they say, is advertising history as the DDB simple VW campaign ushered in a new creative era in advertising. 

Adolf Hitler and Ferdinand Porsche, among others, admiring the winning design for the Kraft durch Freude, or ‘strength through joy’, people's car. After the war it went back into production, nicknamed the Käfer, that's ‘Beetle’ in English.

We also discussed current ads, shocker, I know, and while I mentioned that I love The Guardian "points of view", from decades ago, the sea of same today leaves me cold. Collaborations, however, Isaac points out, have a way of breaking through the clutter and reaching new audiences like never before. As an example, he brought up the event where Adidas collaborated with Arizona Ice Tea, launched the Arizona branded sneaker, and sold it for 99 cents. The event was shut down by police because as it turns out, everyone wanted a pair of one-dollar sneakers with cherry blossoms on them. 

You can still get these sneakers, but now they cost $370

Cutting through the clutters and the sea of same is key, so while their humoristic project The collab generator may just have been for fun, there are new avenues to explore in the meeting of brands that share fans. This, cancel culture - does it really exist? - Cuties the film, and much more was discussed as I seemed to have forgotten I was one a podcast and we chatted as if we were having a beer somewhere. Allowing people to speak freely is how you get to the better ideas, however, and that's how Isaac spotted the targeting and campaigning potential of a decades-old rejected Carlsberg ad I once wrote. 

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