advertising on forehead hype reaches fever pitch

"!" yelled some guy a few years back and since then the idea has been top of mind.. (sorry).

The Guardian spoofed it when the Cunning crew said they'd sell it... And now, you can find quite a few on Ebay.

Here you can Advertise on this mans forehad!, or if you want to *Advertise your logo or website domain on this guys forehead!, here's one that reads " Advertise Your Logo on my Ass (or Forehead)" oooh, cheeky, how about Advertise Your logo on 3 C.I.K.TV staff forehead and help som local kids TV program get some much needed equipment. Seems a worthy cause.

Andrew Fisher is the man from Omaha that caught the attention of BBC news and channel six news, Omaha this time around.

One self-proclaimed "average Joe" has come up with a new place for an ad, atop his head. Twenty-year-old Andrew Fischer is leasing his forehead on e-Bay. "I'm basically going to be a billboard for 30 days." The highest bidder will have the rights to put any company name, logo, or message on his forehead. "It's really not a normal thing." As of Sunday, Fischer has had close to 30 bidders and dozens of questions from potential clients. "How big is your forehead? It is a big one, no pun intended on big."

"In some ways it's just a logical extension of what we've already been exposed to," said Jonna Holland, a marketing professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, who isn't surprised by the notion of a forehead ad. "The key is to do something that pushes the envelope, that someone is creative to get the consumer to notice the message and break through the clutter." But Holland said creativity alone doesn't necessarily make for a successful advertisement. "Just catching someone's attention is just the first step and obviously the most crucial. But once you've got the consumer's attention, if the message doesn't make sense to them or doesn't stay with them or hasn't moved them, it hasn't done any good." Fischer said he's happy with the response, even if his parent's aren't nearly as thrilled. "What would you think if your son said he was going to advertise on his face?"

Professor Holland is concerned about the direction we're going. If advertising on a forehead is someday no longer considered outlandish, then perhaps using any body part may be acceptable, including those some may find distasteful.

At last check, the top bidder for Fischer's forehead was $172.50.

quote from ass-ad at eBay.

As far as asses go, mine is, well, roundish and split down the middle. Kind of what you'd expect. Your logo will be seen by quality boxer-briefs including my Calvin Kleins, and assorted lower-end brief-ware produced by the Gap, Eddie Bauer, etc, (ok "etc.", for the record, includes 3 pairs of Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton briefs - it was one of those stay over at the girlfriend's one night longer than expected impulse purchases). In addition to the fabulous briefs & skivvies target market scoping out my formidable cheeks, my girlfriend will in all likelihood "take a peek" 2 to 3 times a week.
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