Best ass wins - Sloggi and Daewoo competition.

Amsterdam ad agency LaMarque has created a competition for their car client Daewoo that they hope will gain fame amoungst the younger market. Jeroen Oosterman, branddirector at LaMarque said: - "Daewoo noted that it's hard to reach the younger market on your own, this collaboration campaign together with Sloggy works as an icebreaker."

The idea is as simple as it is tasteless, at women can send in images of their bums, and the one with the best "bodywork"-behind wins a Daewoo car. If you fail reaching the top ten, not to worry, there's pages of workouts and diet-tips to get into "Sloggy-shape".

"Sloggi loved the idea and really wanted to do it", said Oosterman to, "at Daewoo there is some doubt." On the website they've placed a minimally short disclaimer, stating that neither Sloggi nor Daewoo are "responsible for possible violations of the images copyrights, the photos will only be used in this website and in magazine ads".

[via Mediafact]
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caffeinegoddess's picture

What does underwear have to do with Deawoo? I don't get it. Seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

Dabitch's picture

The cheeky way they sneaked in the rights to use the womens asses in ads is .. clever? When you fill the form in you can opt to have your name, addy and phonenumber shown with your ass-image as well... Or not, as the majority of the current 460 bums opted.

deeped's picture

Would have been more fun if there had been the competition of men's asses. I mean - do I stay a chance with the fat, pale and hairy bun of mine ;)

Robblink's picture

If this contest is a success, Daewoo might up the ante next time and ask women to show their "headlights".