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AAF Dallas ADDY's reminders, only for the obsessed - like us.

This years ADDY's were according to the AAF "The best ever" with over 450 entries, over 400 attendees and a wonderful evening of celebrating the best work in Dallas. Of course they also made some fun films like an award show is won't to do, and I need to Badland at least one of them. Congrats!

Oh yes, the kid doodle not approved idea has been spotted in conjunction with ad awards before, this example above is from 2002 and Canadas Marketing Awards. It was the campaign that Cameron Gardner got fired for and Paul Lavoie resigned over that canning. Woah, I might be obsessed enough to deserve an ADDY just for being a total adnerd. Can I? Can I please?

The American Advertising Federation handed over all the films, chock full of ad stereotypical joy.

I'll admit it, I laughed at the "if you aren't careful you'll end up a copywriter" line..... And the copywriter next to me shot eye-bullets at me. Pitting the tightest disciplines against each other is always fun. I bet the account people came up with that just to undermine us. Lets get those bastards. You bring the spray mount, I'll bring the lighter. Its on.

More stereotypes, here's an actor doing his best impression of an art director hearing the client wants everything set in Comic Sans. Can someone up the valium-dosage in his lunch, please?

This lady is a special case. She still does napkin doodles. Someone should pay her enough to get a car and an iPhone with Evernote, for gods sake won't someone think of the creatives?

Ad people make the worst parents ever. You know why? We breed more ad people.

I'm still not sure what this guy is. VO? Copywriter? Anal retentive client?

Watch out so you don't run out of walls.

This guy really does need help. He sees boobs everywhere except in his own mirror reflection. Fool.

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Best ADDY promos since the "When I grow up I wanna work in advertising" work. Kudos.

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Yeah, a good year. :)