Quickbooks - Death Wish Coffee / Storm’s a-Brewin’ Fiercely caffeinated (2016) :30 (USA)

Quickbooks buys a super bowl commercial for a small business owner, instead of themselves, just like last year. This year the winner is Death Wish coffee company, and they came up with this ad full of angry vikings daring to cross the giant oceans on their way to Valhalla. "Fiercely caffeinated", they conclude, a nice little line that I can see tying up a lot of bizarre little ideas.

Ad agency: RPA
Production company: Prettybird
Director: Isaiah Seret
D.O.P: Claudio Miranda (you know his work from"Life of Pi")
Special effects: MPC New York
Principal talent: Diarmaid Murtagh

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The guy uses Robusta beans. Robusta are considered cheap inferior bitter coffee beans. They are bitter because of the extra caffeine in them. The Arabica bean is a superior bean with much better taste. I prefer something made from Arabica like jet fuel or napalm coffee

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Fun trivia (since we have Vikings mentioned and all). Swedes compete with the Finns in drinking the most coffee in the world, per person. We lose every year because Swedes can't beat Finns at anything, pretty much. The most common bean used in Sweden was robusta for many years, before the 'new' arabica beans became popular due to Italian style cafés. Robusta is still the most common bean in brands used by the older generation who built Sweden's "folkhem" and birthed the baby-boomers that made Volvo, Saab and Ikea household brands around the world.

Not that I'm saying extra caffeinated coffee can really get you going but yeah that's what I'm saying.