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CONDOMERIE.COM - Chatroulette Aids Roulette

Swear to god, Chatroulette's agent is working harder than Betty White's right now. It's everywhere, isn't it?

But here's an idea born to be done on Chatroulette, as it uses the sites roulette feature, and the audiences goal in finding a half naked lady on the other end. Lonely people prowling hoping for some skin on chatroulette get it, as a topless girl appears with a sign reading BINGO! in her hands - but the small print reveals she has HIV, hammering home the point that random hookups are really like playing russian roulette.

BINGO. You're now in touch with a HIV infected person. Don't play Russian roulette in real life. Condomerie.com

I like it. I like it a lot. Plus the sender - Condomeria - sells the only known protection, so it suits the brand quite well. The Nike Aids idea which turned twitter red played on contagious, I've done an idea ages ago that plays on the lottery thought which is similar to the roulette thought. Scare tactics in AIDS campaigns may not work, but reminding people with an action like this that it could happen to them is really clever. Well done.

Young people make contacts via the internet and in real life faster and faster, and are becoming more and more careless in sexual contacts. One of the latest ways to make contact online is via chatroulette.com. With one push on the button you get in touch with anyone.
We saw chatroulette.com as the ideal medium to explain that you have to be careful with varying sexual contacts and that condomerie.com is the place to buy your condoms.
The action was broadly picked up by the media, which generated a lot of free publicity and traffic to condomerie.com in the first few weeks after the action has been risen with almost 150%.

Mischa Schreuder
Ramon Stalenhoef
Martijn Amendt
Donnie de meijer
Marlyn Barends
Bela Stamenkovits
Editor: redger Westerdijk
Client: Theodoor van Boven
Country: The Neterlands
Agency: 2010amsterdam

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