DHL - Trojan Mailing / DHL is faster - (2014) :90 (Germany)

Jung von Matt have cornered the "trojan"-anything advertising stunt market. They'll send photographers portfolios into other agencies to poach creatives via "trojan recruiting", and now they're sending packages with other companies to advertise that Deutsche Post DHL is faster. Sneaky. And hilarious, even though it's just a stunt.

Ever noticed that Jung von Matt's logo is like a trojan horse? That's truth in advertising, man. They'll make you some trojan ad stunts instead of regular ads. They'll put it up on their youtube channel, and all the adnerds will fawn over it. Rejoice.

Ad agency: Jung von Matt

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This was not a DHL commissioned ad for consumer's eyes, but rather a result of an internal competition for JvM and DHL was made aware of its existance in advance:

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No idea what " produced as part of an internal contest for Jung von Matt" really means in this context, are they saying the ad stunt was a creatives team pitch, against other creative teams? We're fully aware that it's a stunt, not an ad, but this is also confusing:

“We were made aware in advance of their intention to use it for this purpose. But we were not aware it would be shared publicly,” Garcia said.

The ad agency spent time and money on a creative stunt but the client didn't know the ad agency would show it to people?