Dove - Evolution (2006) 1:15 (Canada)


Dove - Evolution (2006) 1:15 (Canada)

She transforms from ordinary to supermodel with the help of light, makeup, styling and a lot of photoshop.

Agency: Ogilvy, Toronto
Creative Director: Janet Kestin, Nancy Vonk
Copywriter: Mike Kirkland
Art Directors: Tim Piper
Producer: Brenda Surminski
Director: Yael Staav
Production Company: Reginald Pike, Toronto
Director of Photography: Tico Poulakakis
Producer: Jennifer Walker
Executive Producer: James Davis, Josefina Nadurata
Editorial: Paul Gowan, Rogue, Toronto
Animation: Kevin Gibson, Soho Post, Toronto
Photographer: Gabor Jurina
Music: Vapour



Believe it or not; my nieces do not Tweet, however, they will get an email. Has to be the best use of video brevity to send a message. Hear that Mz. Moore? via Techdirt - Dec 22, 2009 -- "Point Out A Potential Photoshopping Of A Demi Moore Picture, And She Has Her Lawyers Send Out The Nastygrams".

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