Johnnie Walker Blue Label - Bruce Lee / Hail to the Game Changers (2013)

Oh Johnnie Walker, I get it, I really do. You're the drink of the progressive. The drink of the successful. The drink of the hard working exceptional and discerning. And apparently you are now the drink of the teetotalist kung fu masters! See how that doesn't really work there? Bruce Lee is a legend resurrected for ads many times before, though the CGI in this one is in the class of the Galaxy Audrey Hepburn ad, ie quite good but still strange. We've seen Bruce Lee in ads before, he spoke about being water in a Spanish ad for BMW that ended with 'be the road'. That ad was spoofed with a little Bruce Lee for toy cars. Yes, the ad-world has been fascinated by the "lost" Bruce Lee interview for a long time, and everyone who cares about Bruce Lee has seen it, twicehundred times.

Here's the thing, we know that Bruce Lee wasn't just the water, he drank water. And Johnnie Walker ain't water. Can we please stop resurrected the legends of past eras, especially when it really doesn't fit with the brand you're selling? It is a little creepy.

One of these days we'll create some great new original content with original stars again.. oh ah ha ha who am I kidding, this is the era of Kim Kardashian and Instagram-celebrities.

This ad, while it tries to reach it, doesn't top the man who walked around the world, the six minute epic that according to legend, was only meant to be seen at internal sales events but went on to take the web by storm and won countless awards for it.

Bruce Lee - Hail to the Game Changers - Johnnie Walker Blue Label

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Bruce Lee is such an iconic figure, transcending race in a time where it was very touchy. He taught the world to use their mind and that we have the ability to be incredible! I hope he is shown much more, even if it is through ads. An inspiration for us all.