Magnum - Be True to your pleasure - (2015) :60 (Spain)

Magnum believes "that everyone should indulge in their personal pleasure." So they called on the drag queens to be their stars of this ad. Willam Belli, whom you may know from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Gregory Woo, Tye Olson (Taylor Quick) and Karis Wilde all strut their stuff. "Be True To Your Pleasure celebrates spontaneity and the joy of letting go. It means turning off that little voice inside our head that compels us to live up to social expectations and say no to pleasure. It’s about saying yes." Set to a somber version of Rihannas "Umbrella" scouted by Jesper Gadeberg which is a Cannes good luck charm as practically everything he does ends up on the shortlist, the mood is more melancholic than your usual Magnum fare. I can't put my finger on why, it may be the slow motion of the color-correction, but the ad has a slightly menacing vibe to it, and there are certain beauty shots shades that really don't flatter the participants.

Sophie Galvani, global brand vice president for Magnum described this ad as "a beautiful illustration of Magnum's philosophy. . .Everything we do at Magnum is about inspiring, enabling and daring people to take that moment of pleasure for themselves. It doesn't matter who you are, or what you take pleasure in; this film has been created to inspire you to seize it. This film celebrates the ways one specific group of individuals embrace their personal pleasure in a particularly courageous way, in an effort to inspire and encourage all people to be true to their own pleasure."

Ad Agency: Lola Madrid
Director: Martin Werner
Production company: Propaganda/Bacon
Music: Mechanical Bride / "Umbrella"
Song scout: Jesper Gadeberg

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