Nissan - The New Star of India - (2012) 4:45 (India)

In india, they take their singing and dancing romancing seriously, and to a whole new machine level. They can make anything dance along, men, women, children, elephants, Motorcycles like in that Bajaj Auto ad, and of course Gurdas Mann when he has a bit of soda pop. To out-do all other Bollywood commercials, this ad has the classic boy loves girl, daddy opposes their love and takes girl away beginning, but as the boy pursues the girl he gets stuck in an epic traffic jam. This is India remember. Here come the twist - Nissan cars are the dancing heroes. It might not be the most original idea but it is very well executed. Makes you want to slam some car doors to "dance along".

Agency: AKQA
Client: Nissan India
ECD: Duan Evans
Creative Lead: Greg Mullen
Creative Lead: Alastair Mills
ACD: Miles Unwin
Senior Designer: Paul Tinker
Production: Offroad Films
Producer: Khalil Bachooali
Director: Ahmed Khan
Music composer: Pranay Rijia @pranaymusic

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