Staples - Enlarge / Chit-chat (2015) :30 (Argentina)

The two ladies in the office gossip about Alfredo the cute new guy in admin. Well, one of the ladies has gotten busy in his office... and, was very disappointed. He has a micro-office downstairs you see. And while this lady doesn't normally care about size, she just couldn't stop staring at it.

His office. It's really small. Because it's not organized. Oh I get it. The Copy wanker strikes again.

Advertising Agency: David, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Joaquín Cubría, Ignacio Ferioli
Art Director: Matías Aguilú
Copywriter: Federico Aubone
Group Account Director: Emanuel Abeijón
Account Director: Lucila Castellani
Senior Producer: Brenda Morrison Fell
Producer: Florencia Albizzati
Production Company: _POSTER
Director: Plástico
Executive Producer: Mariano Echarri
Producer: Ariel Rosman
Post production Company: WOLF VFX
Sound: Inaudito
Music: Cluster Music

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