Dad is there through good times and bad, standing up for his daughter, teaching her right from wrong, helping her along. And when she's grown, she makes a bold choice all her own. I'm not a fan of the VO, which also repeats a line, as I feel this story was already expertly told in visuals alone. Nicely cast, cute kids, recognisable scenarios.

"My Bold Dad" Creative Credits: CREATIVE CREDITS Client: Toyota Camry "My Bold Dad" Ad agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA CCO: Jason Schragger CD: Erich Funke Copywriter: Nick Cade & Donnell Johnson ACD/Art Director: John Kritch Designer: David Hsai Director of Content Production: Sara Seibert Senior Broadcast Producer: Pamela Parsons Associate Integrated Producer: Claudia Barreda PRODUCTION COMPANY: MJZ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Emma Wilcockson PRESIDENT OF PRODUCTION COMPANY: David Zander Producer: Laurie Boccaccio DIRECTOR: Nicolai Fuglsig DP: Alexis Zabe EDITING COMPANY: Nomad EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Susye Melega PRODUCER: Shannon Preece EDITOR: Tom Muldoon ASSISTANT EDITOR: Sean Scannell FINISHING: A52 Finishing Artist: Andy McKenna Finishing Producer: Jamie McBriety MUSIC: Elias Music Executive Creative Director: Vincenzo LoRusso Creative Director: Michael Goldstein Executive Producer: Ann Haugen Senior Producer: Katie Overcash SOUND DESIGN: Noises Digital MIX: Lime Studios