The BR 200: The web's most influential bloggers - we're #6

I had the most fantastic failed morning. I didn't hit the snooze button, everything was going swimmingly time-wise, I even had time to enjoy that lovely second cup of coffee before heading out the door. But...the moment I stepped outside bad juju came at me. From missing the bus by a hair and falling spectacularly when doing so, to the major fail of reaching the train exactly on time only to discover that the wallet I brought didn't have a dime nor credit cards in it, and my brand new sunglasses breaking as soon as I removed them... You would've thought it was a Monday. The upside was that my favorite client took me to thai lunch and as we chit-chatted and checked twitter I discovered that @kullin twittered to me "Congrats to @dabitch. @BrandRepublic ranks @adland as number 6 on top 200 bloggers" and I'm all like woah, really? Cool! This day will be good anyway! Of course as soon as I thought that I totally broke a database, but that's another story.

The Brandrepublic web's most influential bloggers from 1 to 50 are here and the landing page for all twohundred blogs is here.

Working with Brandwatch, Brand Republic ranked the blogs by influence using an algorithm that weighted factors including traffic, Mozrank (determined in part by the number of inbound links) Twitter data, and social presence on, for example, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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caffeinegoddess's picture

Woohoo! :D

Martiz's picture

hey congratulations! well done!
but... is it password protected? I mean do you need to have a subscription to Brand Republic to see it? That's weird.
Of course I'm curious to see if we are there also :)


Dabitch's picture

You're in there Martina, in the top 20 row too! Congrats!

And yeah, BR is password on most things, but that really only takes a minute and doesn't cost anything, I must have 25 accounts by now because I keep forgetting which password and email I used the last time I sign up (so I do it again and again and again... gaah)

Daniel Honigman's picture

Congrats on the ranking!

Greys Anatomy Episode Guide's picture

wow..this calls for a celebration, and to Seth..are there any possibilities you'd be number 2 LOL..