Before they were famous - they were in Super Bowl commercials.

One of the fun things about the the worlds largest super bowl commercials archive is fame-spotting. Here's ten super bowl ads with actors before they were famous.

Before he was Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, or the shark-jumping Fonzie, Henry Winkler played a son in a family where shaving was such big topic, he brings his razor home when he visits the folks. Ah, the naive ad-scripts of the seventies, even the comic relief line is so old it has whiskers. How appropriate! But wait, there's more! The mother is none other than Frances Sternhagen, a character actress with a long resumé. You might know her as John Carter's grandmother in ER.

From the 1973 super bowl VII commercials.

He's been in plenty of films, voiced cartoons and you probably know him as the sarcastic lab tech David Hodges from CSI, but before he did that James Wallace Langham II cheated at golf. Gimme!

With thanks to the art director, Matt Whitfield, who made sure we got this copy as it was a difficult ad to track down and finally completed the 1996 super bowl XXX commercials year.

Here's a weird little moment of six degress - the "Gimme" guy opposite James, also plays a preppy guy in the Budweiser "True" wassup sequel, with Shelly Malil who was arrested for stabbing his date more than 20 times and later found guilty of attempted murder for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Maybe that's not so much "famous" as "infamous".

This one found in the 2001 super bowl XXXV commercials, I hope that guy hasn't been typecast as "beer ad guy".

Dan Quayle is not the famous one here, the conniving little kid who trades his way to a better seat via a Frito-Lays bet is a very young Elijah Wood.

Back in 1994 when the super bowl XXVIII played, Elijah was only 13 years old, but still stole the scene, and he was the little guy asking us to stay tuned during the halftime show.

Now, listen closely to this ad. Yes, before you knew him as @michaelianblack and his work in the Stella comedy troupe, Michael Ian Black was the sock puppet.

It wasn't Michaels fault that went belly-up, a lot of the companies advertising in the 2000 super bowl XXXIV soon popped in the dot-com bust.

He might be Just Jack! and everyones favorite annoying gay friend after a long run of "Will & Grace", but before he brought jazz hands to a new level, Sean Patrick Hayes drank beer in the petites during the 1998 super bowl.

Jack McFarlan.... I mean Sean Hayes has pulled an unusual double whammy, because in the very same super bowl year he's also seen eating Doritos 3Ds, trying to impress Ali Landry but she shows him up good.
When Homer Simpson keeps breaking the fourth wall in this 2004 Mastercard commercial talking to the "stupid voiceover guy" he's interacting with Billy Crudup, who starred in "Almost Famous", and later (literally) let it all hang out when he played Doctor Manhattan in the film "Watchmen".
Before you saw Steve Monroe in films like 8 Mile, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Cast Away, The Santa Trap, House of the Dead 2, Miss Congeniality, 100 Women and The Nutty Professor.... You watched him kill mosquitos creatively. Yep, it's the 1997 Tabasco commercial. *Boum* goes the mosquito. Steve says he's still known for this role: "(People) look at me and do a double take and think I'm a long-lost cousin or they don't know where they know me from," he says. "I say, 'Mosquito, explodes and Tabasco' — and those three words tend to jar their memory." USAToday
She's Serena on the young and the restless, she's appeared on shows like The Joe Schmo Show and The Parkers, she played Jade Owens in "Trois", opposite Gary Dourdan so here we go again with the six degrees as he's now on CSI with James Wallace Langham! Gretchen Palmer embodied everything early nineties when she was one of Ray Charles' "Uh-Huh" girls back in the 1991 super bowl.

Can you find more?

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