Czech Republic

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Zenonade - Wood / Fire - (2013) :30 (Czech Republic)


Škoda "Projections" 2011 Czech

44th Karlovy Vary IFF - Andy Garcia - (2011)

44th Karlovy Vary IFF - Jude Law - (2011)

44th Karlovy Vary IFF - John Malkovich - (2011) - Klara Suicide (2011) (Czech Republic)

This is the latest cinema & web spot for, the Google competitor in search and directory services in Czech Republic.

Four students launches D&AD Creative Search as a tool for other students during the D&AD Students Award 2010.

D&AD have launched a new search engine that will simplify the way you do reasearch on the Internet. D&AD Creative Search

Skoda - Yeti / Wild one - (2009) :30 (Czech Republic)


Humanitarian Lion - press SPEC

Kaiser beer - King of beers - (2006) :30 (Bulgaria)

Felix - Utan tillsatt socker / No Sugar ketchup (2005) (Sweden)

Nobody directs complaining men as well as Roy Andersson does. This man is complaining that the ketchup has no sugar.

You'll need a few of these beers to appreciate the music.

It appears that American Idol's so-horrible-he's-errr-still-horrible William Hung has an equally bad counterpart in Czech Republic.

The Czech is in the Mall - Český sen = "Czech dream" mall was a hoax!

Český sen = "Czech dream" mall was a hoax!

Dragon Lady Causes a Bit of Trouble in Czechoslovakia

Starobrno's Cerveny Drak (Red Dragon) beer ad. Topless tattooed woman. Middle finger. Advertising standards. Good times.

New low rider Sprite ad is an Airwalk rip-off!!!!

The new Sprite ad featuring the low-rider bicycles is a blatent rip-off of 1994 Airwalk spots by Lambesis! Imagine my surprise when I see this comp

Tyskie - National Pride - (1999) 0:90 (Czech)

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