Dabitch discusses Adland on Sweathead with Mark Pollard - A Strategy Podcast

I'm not sure why I sound so tense, but perhaps I was. Or I drank too much coffee. That happens a lot. Hear me fail to put art directional styles into words and gab ads on Sweathead with Mark Pollard. 

"What you learn when you collect ads for decades"


This is the Paul Arden Carlsberg ad that I try to explain, "Sheep" starring Brigitte Nielsen


"Dabs runs Adland. It's a website with over twenty years of ads from around the world. Adland went down recently after a copyright dispute. But it's back up. This week. And that's really cool. In this interview, we discuss what Dabs has learned about advertising over the years, issues with copyright and DMCA takedowns, as well as how creative award show juries–and their jurors– work."


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