"I've got an idea for a commercial to sell...."

I don't know what has prompted this sudden influx of emails where people alert me to the fact that they have a commercial idea that they wish to sell, but something has happened recently to increase these emails to one or two a week rather than one or two every six months.

Perhaps Adland is listed on some commercial producers site somewhere? Your guess is as good as mine.

Winner of the most cryptic email goes to the fella today who emailed via our contact form simply this:

subject: commercial
[name] sent a message:
I have an idea for a commercial . (301) XXX-XXXX

Now, it seems ripe to be put in the FAQthat we don't produce ads here and can't help people sell their ideas, but I don't know how to best explain the obvious.

Perhaps since you adgrunts seem to be hopping on eggnog, you could suggest a few good replies? ;) Have at it, what would you tell them?

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