Microsoft - Shoe Circus / Shoes (2008) :90 (USA)

Featuring: A $10,000,000 Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates
Factoid: On top of Jerry's ten million dollar salary, this campaign's going to have an estimated 300 million bucks behind it.

Ad Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky
Rob Reilly (Executive Creative Director)
Tim Roper (Creative Director)
Dave Steinke, Michael Craven (Assoc Creative Director)
Dave Steinke (Art Director)
Mino Jarjoura (Producer)
Kevin Byrne, Cindy Becker, Dan Duffy (Executive Producer)

Director : Bryan Buckley
DoP : John Lindley
Production Company: Hungry Man

Director Of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Group Executive Producer: Matt Bonin
Integrated Senior Producer: Chris Webb
Post: Company 3
Editorial: Spotwelders
Editor: Haines Hall

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Dabitch's picture

What the fucketyfuck is that? And why churros? Are churros funny? I did not get that memo.

purplesimon's picture

Phew, it's not just me. Ten million for that.

Bill looks uncomfortable and not just in the shoes.

Maybe this is why I buy Apple?

Dabitch's picture

I actually thought that Gates deadpan delivery of the nerdy-logical "leather" gag was nicely done. However, I still hate the ad.

purplesimon's picture

Okay, I have to admit on second watch that's a funny moment. I hope they use that segment as a standalone ad in the campaign later on.

I also recall how unimpressed I was with the Sony Foam, but after seeing it evolve as a campaign I began to really like it. Maybe this is another slow burner?

Dabitch's picture

Hmmm.. Yeah I guess that's a good point. I'll hold off with my "wtf" until I see how it evolves then. It all depends on how the rest of the ads roll this "idea" on. Perhaps the churros will be funny later too. I seriously doubt it, but it could happen.

kidsleepy's picture

see, i'm very disappointed. i thought they were eating baguettes at first glance. and to find out they're eating churros instead?

that destroys the whole concept for me. well that, and uh, it doesn't really have one n' stuff.

claymore's picture

I want to like it...

Neaner's picture

Seinfield = Rich
Gates = Richer than anyone
Buying discount shoes and eating churros just like you and me (= NOT rich) ... Wait, I think they're mocking us.

purplesimon's picture

By Jove, you've cracked it!

Whenever I have to use Windows at a job (often, as IT people think copywriters only need Office! Duh), I always feel as if it's mocking me, especially with those cryptic messages about how I've committed some kind of execution when all I've done is try to save something.

kidsleepy's picture

i also think it's also telling that even THEY don't really want to talk about microsoft. and crap, thats all apple ever does.

claymore's picture

They did use Gates' old police mug shot on the club card, so they get half a point for that, even if retail club cards typically don't have the customer's photos on them.

And Shoe Carnival gets free prime time placement via spoofish brand confusion!

Errrr.... what was this ad for again?

Dabitch's picture

Seinfeld's agent ?

purplesimon's picture

Stop it, you're making me laugh out loud and I'm getting funny looks from my soon-to-be-ex-colleagues.

the_odd's picture

Wow, I hope this to be in fact a shoe's and churros commercial...

I think they're getting juice from the fact that Microsoft (instead of Apple) has a face, in someway, that is associated with somebody. You see Apple campaigns are getting more and more abstract so maybe Microsoft are reaching a concept like "hey, our enviroments are for common real people". Maybe they though that hiring a funny and simple guy as Seinfeild pretends to be and putting it to buy shoes and eating churros with Bill Gates, would make Gates seen a little more friendly.

BUT, hey, jokes inhere aren't any funny. And, hey, Jerry Seinfeild talking funny to Bill Gates? It seems like jokes for money, like the one an employee would say to his boss. Not funny at all.

I think this commercial makes Apple a more serious label for me... good investment!

Shika's picture

The FDA has recalled this ad citing overwhelming evidence that it is causing brain anyeurisms. So far 12 people have actually had their brains explode after watching this so-called "commercial". Jerry Seinfeld has reportedly fled the country and is being actively pursued by law enforcement, expect Nancy Grace to begin giving live coverage on CNN as this progresses. Bill Gates is reportedly cooperating with authorities and has said the whole thing was Seinfelds idea. Gates is negotiating a plea bargain with immunity for himself and has retained a Los Angeles woman who claims to be channeling the spirit of "F.Lee Bailey" as legal counsel. More details as this story unfolds. Its not over til the fat lady screams.

backwrite's picture

The FDA has recalled this ad citing overwhelming evidence that it is causing brain anyeurisms. So far 12 people have actually had their brains explode

Now THAT'S funny! Hey, if they play out the whole campaign this way as one big fat PR stunt, they might have actually done something there.

By the way, did Gates say "leather" or "pleather"? The latter would've been more apropos.

Dabitch's picture

purplesimon is right, this is just the beginning..... TECHCRUNCH : Microsoft Ads: First Phase To “Engage Consumers, Spark Conversation”

So what’s the deal? In an email we’ve obtained from Microsoft SVP Bill Veghte to all employees, he talks about the goals of the campaign. The overall goal is to inspire consumers and “tell the story of how Windows enables a billion people around the globe to do more with their lives today.” This first phase, he says, “is designed to engage consumers and spark a new conversation about Windows – a conversation that will evolve as the campaign progresses, but will always be marked by humor and humanity.”

brenthahn's picture

Consumers engaged in conversation:

"I don't get it."
"There's nothing to get."

purplesimon's picture

Aw, you name-checked me. Fanks!

I'm actually getting interested to see the next instalment. But let me tell you, if it's not moving on from this opening, I'm switching off. :)

purplesimon's picture

I've just watched the second part (the long version that's over 4 minutes in length) and it's quite funny. No, scratch that, it's actually reasonably good. But mainly thanks to the grandma character.

I hope it gets posted in QT form here soon, I don't and won't post the UToob link :)

I can now see a campaign building. Not one I would buy into, though, but it's humanising the inhuman and for that I applaud.