Miller Lite - Maxim Lite (2003) Print Ad (US)

Miller Lite's Catfight commercial was so popular, they extended its "marketing style" to a print ad.

Click read more to view Miller Lite's Maxim-like print ad.

Doesn't this ad remind you of the Coppertone logo?

Adgrunts looking for this print ad can find it in this month's magazines (USA). I found it inside Spin Magazine (Linkin Park's on the cover).

Miler Light

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anonymous's picture

I'll second that "nice looking at it" as an art director thing - but I'm
concentrating my eyes toward the clever speech bubble layout at the

I got distracted there as it seems this girl is telling the story to five
men. what girl goes out with five men? and does her story continue with
some hot lesbian and spotted dog action or what? don't keep me in suspense
here Miller!

Dabitch's picture

a site like b3ta? anyone else seen this image? I'm getting curious now.

anonymous's picture

okay, you have forced me to register...

yes, this is a good ad. it is as technically thought through and refined as the prettiest ad out there. the thought bubble at the bottom is the brilliant part. it's very successful at attempting to utilize the relationship of positive and negative space. it also weighs down the ad, creates an interesting line, aids in breathability of the piece, blah, blah, blah. but the focal point-the thing that makes or breaks the ad-is not original! that's a classless, bush-league rookie thing to do. and what's all this bullshit about the campaign being brilliant? f*ck, it was just a happy mistake-like what my friend John's mom says about him-he was a happy mistake. initially, the campaign was for the super bowl and that was it. then, when all the football loving blue-collars start talking about how the commercial fulfilled their every fantasy ever, BBDO, Miller or whoever it was decided to persue that style into print, etc. (ya' gotta' hand it to 'em , they're some lucky bastards-but they're not brilliant.) as an art director I would assume you would know these things, but you know what happens when you assume things, right? god, i hope so.

back to the picture...i still can't find it but i know it's out there. i wish i could find it so you'd know just how remotely similar it is.

Robblink's picture

Actually, there are three chicks in the picture (including the storyteller). I thought it was funny too that a girl would be telling the story, but Ogilvy probably did that to curb the playa hater-hate mail.

Dabitch's picture

well, welcome new adgrunt, you seem to get on like a house on fire here. ;-) (that's a good thing!)

Sooo, image is ripped? At least it is re-shot though right? Got any clues as to where you frequented the web and stumbled onto the previous incarnation of this image?
If you give us some clues, we might be able to find it..... :P photoshop contest? b3ta lounge? somewhere in your email inbox?

and yep - the speachbubble layout is sexy. me likes it too.

anonymous's picture

seen it 'live' now. yep, three chicks. affirmative. dang.

anonymous's picture

even if the b/w gag image is ripped off i do belive that they reshot it, and that gags like these are a dime a dozen out there in idealand - it's like trying to figure out the chicken or egg thing.

dogs do stick their noses in strange places - maybe the DOG owns the joke?

Dabitch's picture


I just found it - that picture you're talking about, actually I found it by surfing adgrunts sites.. Here it is:

dog sniffing up skirt at the site called: This is near Badlandian, oh yeah...

anonymous's picture

I agree with this anonymous guy. Miller sucks and Coor Lite is better.

Dabitch's picture

both beers are like screwing in a canoe - fucking close to water. ;)

thi is getting to me quote from anon: Will the ad exec in charge get punished for freeloading somebody else's picture? - if the photographer didn't get paid you know that agency would have burned down by now. never mess with the photo-dudes. ;)

Dabitch's picture

hahahaha! Dogs do that! they dooooo!. a little club-med in it's humour, hope they don't run out of "embarrasing sexy moments" to tell at miller time..

jodie foster was so cute back in the coppertone days.

no dog ever bit my bikini off though. rephrase; no canine ever did........ ;-)

anonymous's picture

I am exceptionally disappointed that Miller is no doubt paying big bucks for whatever prima-donna agency hack to sit around biting material from the internet in order to make up for some lack of creativity on his/her part. It pains me to think that some talentless assbag is getting mad cheddar to do this type of crap, and is probably not feeling guilty at all for ripping it off either. They must think we're all dipshits that spend more time smelling dirty toilet paper than being aware of what we're being fed by the big machine. I hope those idiots get fired and go to hell for what they've done. Or at least get SARS. Or Herpes. Or sweaty gonads.

Besides, Miller Beer still tastes like watered-down piss anyway. No fine ass is going to change that.

Dabitch's picture


claymore's picture

Whoa - It looks like somebody needs a six-pack of Miller Lighten Up!

I'm not quite sure what watered down piss tastes like (or full strength), and Miller Lite ain't exactly my first choice for brew, but what's with the conniption over the internet as a source? Is it any less creative to find inspiration from a classic novel, a movie, a real life experience, a tale told to you by a friend, a hallucination, a furtive sexual encounter, a tv show, a recipe for stromboli or the warning label that comes with your prescription for Xanax?

Perhaps if you told us who and what exactly this ad is ripping off, it would give some validity to your rant. You're not thinking of the Coppertone ad, are you!? If it's a true ripoff, direct us to the original - if your accusation is just, then it belongs in badland and will be noted as so. Otherwise, chill your testes with the import of your choice and try to anonymously enjoy the night.

anonymous's picture

As luck would have it, I am not finding the picture any more. It was circulated around about a year ago, but I'm SURE someone out there is feeling me. It's just one of those pictures on e/n sites. SOMEBODY find it, PLEASE!

And I was always told that inspiration was completely different than blatantly ripping off somebody else's work and calling it your own. For example, I have a freind who teaches a few college classes. She took her students' term papers, typed a few lines into Google, and half of them got direct hits(most of the papers were pasted from internet sites-no alterations or rewording). Were her students inspired and did they utilize this inspiration to create original and fulfilling works? No. They were lazy fratboys (& sohos) who just wanted to get the job done in as little time as they could. Were they punished? Of course! Will the ad exec in charge get punished for freeloading somebody else's picture? Hell no, and that bastard gets paid to be original! Bastards!

Either/or, I do like the idea about chilling my nads with the import of my choice...Thanks Claymore.

-Is that because you're "blowin' up like a claymore"?

AnonymousCoward's picture

you have to chill down crazy boy. this is a good ad. this is a brilliant campaign. it might not be the most sophisticated clever advertising but the mere fact there has been a ton of publicity around it (and it's good publicity - cover of stuff mag) speaks....well tons. not only that it works great but i like looking at it both as an art director and a 25 year old guy. oh, and the rip off thing - what the hell's wrong with you guys. somebody sees a picture on the internet and two decades later somebody else does something remotely similar and bang! it's a fuckin rip off. that's bs.

Imanaddy's picture

Derivative work = copyright infringement.

Dabitch's picture

I didn't think of that but you're right of course. However, it is likely that nws jff (or whatever) were also infringing rights unless they took the picture. In fact me posting it here without asking the original photographer is a boo-boo. shit - do I have to remove that now? arrrgh. I only posted it here because the site I linked to died and it made little sense to keep only the legal link.