Resume Article "She puts the plagiarized ads on the web" Resume 1998.

So, Adland began as a "separated at birth?" / Badland / Twin ads type dealio where people could, like now, submit ad pairs and comment on what they thought might have caused the syncronicity - but mainly I'd find the pairs and do the posting of them. These days a few other ad-sites do the same thing, all claiming to be the first one, which is very funny in its own way. ;)

Back in 1998 Resumé interviewed us about the twin ads specifically.

A rough translation of the Resume article for those of you who don't read Swedish and below is the huge scan.

She puts the plagiarized ads on the Web.
The advertising woman Åsk Wäppling puts plagiarized ads on the web.
- I think it's terribly common that people copy each others ideas, she

Advertising woman Åsk Wäppling has built a site where she publishes
plagiarized campaigns. Preems 'taster' film from 1996 is presented as one
of the most daring rip-offs.
- I think it's terribly common that people copy each others ideas. I quit
my job at Drömfabriken because they had a system of plagiarizing good
ideas, says Åsk Wäppling.
After Drömfabriken Åsk Wäppling went to Saatchi in Copenhagen and then to BBDO in Amsterdam. Now she is with the creative consultancy UN Ltd in Amsterdam. Apart from advertising the agency also produces Web sites, poppromos and arranges launch parties. The agency hasn't landed any large clients yet.

A little revenge

-When I have been to agencies and shown them my work I have seen that they later copied some of my ideas. This site of mine is a little revenge, says Åsk Wäppling.
Åsk Wäppling believes that even the large creative agencies copy and
plagiarize ideas.
-But of course, sometimes it just happens that people think up the same idea independent of each other, she admits.
On her site there is an advertising forum and a debate room where plagiarism
and advertising in general is discussed.
Christer Brunkell at Brunkell&Strömberg does at first not want to admit
that their agencies awarded commercial for Preem is similar to a
commercial that the agency Earle Palmer Brown in Richmond has made for the
client Good Guys Auto.
-If someone has made a test film in the united states is not interesting to
me, says Christer Brunkell, There have been a lot of test films made.

Been Discussed.

Then he admits that the Good Guys film has been discussed with Preem who
'wondered' about it.
-We watched those commercials with Preem and that was that. This is old
news. Get back to me when you have a new example instead, says Christer
Christer Brunkell thinks that there are more obvious examples of
plagiarized ads. He refuses to name which ones.
-I think that there are a lot more other people that can talk about their
plagiarized ads, says Brunkell.

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Article written by Mats Paulsen from Resume and haphazardly translated by Åsk. Note though, The Good Guys Auto commercials were not test films as Christer Brunkell seems to think, they were made, aired and won awards. See the 1994 Communication Arts annual, and my page where both these ads are side by side and form your own theory. Also, the "quote" that I allegedly say about Drömfabriken is an extreme misquote, stuff like that happens in phoneinterviews. Ces't la vie.

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