R&R Partners seeks "soul mate" creative teams with sneaky sneaker attack

A mystery package made its way to our office, and when we opened it we found a pair of shoes and a plea written inside. "There are creatives out there known for "Got Milk", and "Where's The Beef" and "Here's to the crazy ones" and the Super Bowl ad that wasn't and the Darth Vader ad that was and for "Like a Girl" and the man your man could smell like and the most interesting man in the world and for thousands of other things that have truly put a den in pop culture." The shoes eventually lead us to the creative soul search site, where R&R Partners are hunting for their next CD, and a couple of creative teams. Is it you? R&R are boldly sending these shoes out to select targets and postering competing ad agencies in Chicago and LA with soul ads (below) hoping to lead some fresh talent their way. The agency, best known for their “What happens here, stays here” branding for Las Vegas, wants to find their Cinderella on whom the sneaker fits.

"Creatives love sneakers. I love sneakers. And you know what I love even more? Great creatives who have great taste in SNEAKERS,” said Arnie DiGeorge, executive creative director at R&R Partners. “Going through recruiters is fine but we really wanted to know who else was out there. We wanted to kick over some rocks for this position and find some souls who would be jazzed to push the Vegas brand in new directions."

Applicants will be asked to apply their best ideas for the “What happens here…” campaign to a pair of size 11 sneaks – Arnie’s size, as it happens – and send them to the agency by Friday, December 18, 2015. “Ideas and shoes, that’s what drives this,” said DiGeorge, “Where they take it from there is wide open.”

No ideas will be used without compensation, because R&R hate unpaid spec work as much as the rest of us, but the idea is that the main compensation for your idea is that you get hired. It's about finding the people who can come up with these ideas.

“Traditional searches can get so bogged down in the ‘process’ until everyone forgets why we’re even in this business,” said DiGeorge. “Kick ass ideas can come from anywhere so we’re just putting this challenge out there. It's not about the shoes. It's about the work. But sneakers speak to my DNA so they’ll be the X factor in this search.”

According to DiGeorge, applicants shouldn’t focus on their current title to participate in the “Creative Sole Search” as the agency is open to hiring a couple of creative teams as well as a CD to run the Las Vegas account. In addition, if an applicant has a concept that R&R Partners would like to adopt, that person will receive full creative credits and payment.

“All we need is seven plus years at the digital forefront of this work,” said DiGeorge. “We’re looking for someone to continue our digital firsts with partners like Twitter and Google on behalf of the Vegas brand. In return, you get to live in this amazing city and shape its perception. Imagine having that in your book.”

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